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The one question to ask yourself before reaching for food…

By Marcus Santer

The six week school holidays are in full flow here in the UK.

As a self-employed ZEN Beast, working from home, doing all my own stunts…

This time of year can prove problematic.

How come?

Because my two most favourite people in the world are on the other side of my Woffice door.

And sometimes it’s hard not to get distracted.

Fortunately the:

“Do not open my door unless there’s an emergency” – protocol seems to be working.

But in the afternoon we’ve all been meeting up to play Scrabble.

I know.

At the start of the holidays, I’d never’ve guessed Scrabble would become such a feature of them.

And it was whilst waiting for Ollie to put his word down that I decided to go into the kitchen and get some nuts to eat.

As I stood there taking taking the lid of the tuppaware I suddently thought…

“What the hell am I doing?”

It made no sense to eat because I wasn’t hungry.

Think about it…

Why would you eat if you weren’t hungry?

So I put the nuts back and returned to the Scrabble board.

And as I continued waiting for Ollie to put his word down, I mulled over what had happened.

And came to the conclusion that the most important question you can ask yourself BEFORE opening the fridge, the food cupboard door or even stepping into the kitchen is this one:

“Am I hungry?”

And if the answer is: “No.”

The next question you need to answer is:

“If I’m not hungry… Why am I reaching for food?”

Now I can’t answer that question for you.

It’s personal.

But from my own experience I’ve discovered I’ll often reach for unnecessary food when I’m:

So I strongly recommend you keep asking yourself the: “Am I hungry?” question.

And when you find yourself reaching for food and the answer to the question is: “No”

Consider if some other activity will feed you better than unnecessary food.

Something to chew on wouldn’t you say?

And in case wondering…

Ollie finally put his word down. 

It was “ROW” – not too impressive, until you realise he’d put it on the triple word score and grabbed a rather handy score of 18 =)

This tip was brought to you courtesy of the ZEN+ Daily (Z+D).

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ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

Bye for now


P.S.  Here’s another thought for you…

While I share some valuable stuff here for free in these Z+D’s, you’d be mistaken to think you won’t get much more value when you actually dig in your pocket and give me some of your cash in return.

That’s just a fact of life…

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer