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An example of why you need to read food labels…

By Marcus Santer


So there I was looking for something to add to my delicious raised the right way chicken breast.

One of my favourite additions is: Tesco’s mix of Bulgur wheat with red and white quinoa.

But they’d temporarily stopped selling the dried product.

And we ended up with some boil in the bag number instead.

Same bulgur wheat, red and white quinoa.

Just quicker and easier to prepare.

Or so I thought…


I was reading the label whilst waiting for the kettle to boil when I suddenly spotted something that made me scratch my head…

100g of cooked dried mix has 85 Kcal – an absolute bargain because it’s so tasty and filling.


100g of the boil in the bag mix has 186 Kcal – hold the phone!

What the?

Where did that extra 100 calories come from?

And then I looked at the ingredients on the back and discovered the culprit:

Sunflower oil

Now first off, I’m not a fan of sunflower oil.

Here’s why (extract from page 96 of my ZEN+ Book):

And second the vegetable oil is clearly adding a lot of extra – unneeded -calories to the mix.

So here’s the lesson…

If you’re watching the calories because you want to lose some fat, make sure you check the label.

I could’ve easily ended up with an extra 100 unwanted kcal’s.

And that’s the deal with many ready meals and processed foods.

The food itself probably ain’t that bad, it’s just all the added extra stuff they put in that makes it so energy dense and calorific.

So keep a look out…

And whenever possible, make your own food, from scratch with unadulterated ingredients.

Bye for now.


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