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Nothing tastes as good as…

By Marcus Santer

The Sunday Quote:

“Nothing tastes as good
as fit and healthy feels.”

I don’t know who originally coined today’s quote.

And I’ve heard quite a few people say it.

The perhaps the most popular derivative of it is Kate Moss:

“Nothing tastes as good
as skinny feels.”

Which I personally disagree with.

For a multitude of reasons.

But there’s no denying how good fit and healthy feels.

Over the years I’ve quit smoking and drinking and dramatically reduced my consumption of junk.

And since the day after my birthday I’ve also been experimenting with something new – which I’ll share in full detail with my Journal readers next month.

And I gotta say I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than I have in years and it is great.

Sure there are lots of things I miss.

But do I feel like depriving myself?

Ugh, ugh.

Because this way I feel good most of the time – personally I’d walk a mile from anyone who claims to feel good all the time – where as with drugs and junk food in my life I only felt good when I was consuming them and then felt ultra crap afterwards.

Speaking of my birthday…

In this months Journal I’ve gone into detail about the Top 10 health and vitality discoveries I’ve made since turning 40 and finally admitting I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror or how I felt.

Here’s the Readers Digest version:

  1. The truth about Qigong – The one area where it kicks everything else in booty
  2. How vital fantastic sleep is – If you’re going to master one thing to improve your health… Make it this.
  3. There’s no secret to living and ageing well – It’s very well documented and I’ll show you how simple it is.
  4. Epigenetics – The new science that proves you’re no longer at the mercy of junk in your gene pool
  5. The Hunter Gather fitness program – This discovery helped me to create the ideal template for a modern exercise program
  6. Sitting Disease – How part of your hard wiring as a human is leading you to an early grave.
  7. Intermittent Fasting – If you could put the benefits of fasting into a pill you’d be richer than Bill Gates.

  9. Professor Paul Kenny’s Rats – Why some foods are as addictive as cocaine and heroin. Plus the famous: “Which doughnut would you choose?” test.
  10. You’re more microbe than human – And what you need to do about it to live and age well.
  11. The toxic fat that can strangle your organs – Yes, that’s a heading from a popular newspaper, but the truth behind the hype is no less disturbing.

This months ZEN+ Journal is 14 pages filled to bursting point with material to help you live and age well.

And you won’t find the topics collected together anywhere else.

July’s ZEN+ Journal ships out Tuesday.

If you’d like a copy you’ll find full details of how to become a Journal Reader…

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