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NASA’s Big Picture

By Marcus Santer

Earlier this month NASA released a new picture.

Nothing amazing about that right?

Except this picture is 4.3GB in size.

Let me help you put that into perspective.

An average 1hr 30min film of average pixel quality takes up about 1 GB of space.

Which means NASA’s new picture is nearly four and half times as big.

Here’s another metric:

This line of text you’re reading now, assuming you’re reading it on a computer screen is, if memory serves me right, about 800 pixels in width. NASA’s picture is 69,536 pixels wide – about 87 times wider than the line of text above.

Have you got an idea of just how big the picture is now?

And what is it of?

It’s an image of the Andromeda galaxy – our galactic next door neighbour.

Though it’s still over 2 million light-years away.

Full story here.

Now granted that’s all pretty amazing.

The Universe is truly mind-blowing, now doubt about it.

But you know what?

I think your body is more amazing.

For example:

There are more atoms in your eye than there are stars in all the galaxies of the known universe. Truth is you’re a collection of 3 billion, billion, billion tightly arranged atoms. All doing something.

And with every breath you take as you read this Z+D…

You’re taking in as many molecules as there are stars in all the galaxies of the known universe.

Which is why where you practice Qigong is so important.

Truth is you’re amazing.

There’s an infinity going on inside you.

And an infinity going on outside of you.

Your perception is the lens through which you experience it all.

So I’m going to say it again, because it’s worth repeating:

You’re amazing

And practicing the principles of a ZEN+ lifestyle can help you to stay that way.

Find out more here.

Bye for now


P.S. The books arrived yesterday.

And I recorded a video to mark the occasion.

You can see it here:

I then spent the rest of the day signing and packing them.

And as soon as the post office opens this morning…

I’ll be handing them over to Jamie, and he’ll do what he does to make sure they all get shipped out.

So if you pre-ordered one it will be with you soon.

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