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My near miss at becoming a male stripper

By Marcus Santer

Ollie goes to the same school I went to.

Although it’s called a college or an academy or something today.

And he’s moaning because we’ve all got to go back to school tonight to talk with his teachers about his options.

Personally I find the whole thing fascinating.

When I was there 30 odd years ago we had zero support or guidance when it came to things like our futures.

I don’t recall getting any help choosing my options.

And as for careers advice – forget about it.

I got my career advice from my mate Fat Andy, who when I told him I wanted to study A Level psychology and sociology at college, warned me the only job I’d get with that combo would be as a social worker.

And as clueless as I was… I knew I didn’t want to be a social worker.

I can’t think of a harder job.

Now a lack of guidance and support has been a regular theme throughout my life.

I don’t blame my parents.

Things were different back then.

As far as they were concerned as long as I was happy I could do what the hell I liked. It wasn’t their job to help me find out what that might be.

Trouble was it didn’t seem to be anybody’s job.

And so I wandered.

And boy did I wander.

Let me tell you quickly how I ended up at University doing a Computer Science degree.

I’d been hitch-hiking around France and I sat under a flysheet in a camp site at Avignon. I was feeling lonely and terrified about my future. As I sat there weighing up my options the only realistic options I felt I had were:

  1. Become a male stripper – I had a mate who could get me a job.
  2. Go to University – It’s what Fat Andy had done after college.


Talk about feeling desperate.

I decided on University because I simply can’t dance for toffee. People usually ask me to stop doing it because I look like a spider having a seizure.

As I was once told.

But what was I gonna do at University?


Well, computer games were just really starting to take off back then and I liked playing them, so I thought: Right, I’ll do a computer science degree!

Awesome =)

The rest is history.

Bumpy, dead-end, frustrating, going nowhere fast history.

Meh, whatever.

It all worked out in the end.

I have the best job in the world today and it’s hard to think of anything I could do that would be more rewarding and satisfying than this.

But I’ll tell you something for nothing…

When Ollie’s my age, he might complain that I messed up somewhere as a father, I’d lay bets on it, but he’ll never complain about receiving a lack of guidance and support as he was growing up.

Ugh ugh.

I ain’t putting him through that!

Which brings me nicely to ZEN+

You knew I’d get there.

So let me wrap up by saying this:

If you’re suffering from a lack of guidance and support when it comes to knowing what to do to live healthier for longer…

You need this.

Bye for now


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