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My favourite perverted view and how to free yourself from it and others…

By Marcus Santer


The Saturday Quote:

“What is the Cosmic Shower? It’s a cleansing technique,
​​​​​​​ending with a prayer direct from your spirit/soul.”
Clovis Saldanha

Yesterday, whilst typing up my notes for next weeks Cosmic Shower Coaching Class I had a major insight.

But before I share it with you, let me just say Cosmic Shower is seriously advanced Qigong.

Let me explain why.

Most Qigong players mistakenly interpret advanced as meaning you have to invest more time and energy practicing more Qigong exercises.

Personally, this is what I’d call low level Qigong.

Wouldn’t you agree that an advanced art should allow you to do less work and get better results?

And something else I’ve noticed about skills based Qigong is this:

The higher, more advanced, the art
the more simple the technique is.

But you’ve got to have mastered the basic skills of Qigong first.

Now the core focus of Cosmic Shower is on cleansing.

I consider it to be the ultimate purification exercise and its approach to health is this:

You don’t need to add energy to be healthy.

Ugh ugh Grasshopper.

From the Cosmic Shower approach to Qigong you’re already perfect.

You just need to clear away the blockages that imprison your perfect self and your pure spirit will be revealed.

So what are these blockages that keep you separate from the Infinite, from God, Brahma, your Buddha Nature, the Tao or whatever synonym you prefer to use for a Higher Power?

You can think of them as coming in 4 flavours:

But keep in mind these 4 distinctions are used for explanation purposes only.

In reality, because everything about you is connected, blockages overlap and are multifaceted.

For example physical blockages like pain and illness can cause spiritual problems like depression and so on.

And as I was busy reviewing my notes I realised all of this is pretty simple and easy to understand…

Except for perverted views.

What the heck is a perverted view when it’s at home?

So I stood up, closed my eyes, entered a Qigong State of Mind and contemplated what it means.

And here’s what I got:

Perverted views can be towards others: racism, sexism and the like.

But I believe it’s far more common for perverted views to manifest as self harm.

Thoughts and beliefs like:

And my favourite perverted view of all:

“If you knew the real me
You wouldn’t like me.”

And so on.

It’s well known that thinking too much is one of the major causes of mental blockages preventing you from releasing your spirit. But I think perverted views like the ones I’ve mentioned are far more common and far more insidious.

I’ve been on first name terms with many of them over the years.

But my personal experience with Cosmic Shower and that of the people I’ve taught it to has shown me that it’s a simple, direct and effective way to wash them out of your mind.

To release their grip on you.

To let you experience your true nature and see your original face before you were born.

That’s why I love Cosmic Shower.

There’s a reason I’ve been practicing it daily for the last 5 years.

It has helped me to cleanse my perverted views of myself and gain glimpses of my true splendour.

If what I’ve written today rings true for you, you’re going to love the Cosmic Shower Qigong technique too.

You’ll discover a simple way to cleanse yourself of:

And reveal your pure spirit.

And so much more.

But time is running out to reserve your place on June’s Cosmic Shower Coaching Class.

So why not do it now before you get distracted by something else?

Bye for now


P.S. Cosmic Shower is seriously advanced Qigong.

If you haven’t’ trained with me before and you’re not already familiar with the 7 steps of PERFECT Qigong this class isn’t going to be right for you.

For full details…

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