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Change your perspective, change your life

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“Instead of comparing today with your best days
and feeling bad about it. Compare today with your worst
days and feel better about it.”
– Anonymous

Your perspective or view of something is powerful.

In fact, I’d say it’s so powerful that your perspective is your reality. And the great thing about that is you can change it.

Take the recent Fantastic Sleep February project.

As a group we changed our perspective of sleep.

Before working with the group, many of us believed that sleep was flexible and open to negotiation.

But then as we discovered the value and benefit of great sleep we realised the importance of treating our sleep like an important appointment.

One that we kept and we’re on time for.

And this change in perspective reaped precious rewards.

Here’s another example:

Recently I was talking with a friend about all the hassle and difficulty I’m expecting to encounter as I put the ZEN+ Home Study Course together. He reminded me to keep my focus in the day, because I would always be able to meet the challenges of that day.

Here’s another example:

There’s a story I tell in Smiling From The Heart on page 90 about perspective.

It goes like this:

There is a story of a woman whose child died. Consumed by grief she went to the Buddha and asked him to giver her medicine to heal her child. The Buddha told the woman he wanted a handful of mustard seeds.

He told her to go to every house in the town and to collect a single mustard see from each person that had never been touched by the death of a child, husband, wife, parent or friend, and bring them back to him.

But she couldn’t find a single house that had not been touched by death.

The woman realised that in her grief she had lost perspective and went to bury her child.

Changing how you look at things, or your perspective, is a powerful way to bring positive change into your life.

Yes, of course it’s easier said than done.

That’s why most people plod on living lives of quiet desperation.

But if you could use a perspective change about what you think is possible for you when it comes to your:

And so on.

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