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Awake: The Life of Yogananda

By Marcus Santer

Whilst Clarabella recuperated in bed last night I watched ‘Awake’ on Netflix.

A documentary on the life of Paramahansa Yogananda

The great Indian Yogi who helped to raise the profile of yoga and meditation in the west.

He came to the USA in the 1920’s.

In 1925 he went to Los Angeles and at his first talk – according to the LA Times – over 6,000 people rocked up to hear him.

Wow, I’d love to get my message in front of 6,000 people =)

Though he did ruffle a lot of feathers with his views…

As you can imagine!

And was put on a government watch list and kept under surveillance.

Moving on…

I liked how he embraced western marketing methods, using:

To attract the public to his work.

But what I personally found especially fascinating was the three-part correspondence course of spiritual techniques he offered for $25.

By mail order.

Way ahead of his time.

Here’s one of my favourite lines from the film:

“The technique of meditation, recharging the body battery with cosmic energy, for it is not a creed or dogma, but a science of the soul and spirit.”


“Recharging the body battery with cosmic energy”


“a science of soul and spirit.”


Sounds like Qigong =)

And there was also this narration of Paramahansa Yogananda giving meditation instructions:

“Sit straight shoulder blades together.
Chin parallel to the ground.
Concentrate on the point between the eyebrows…
The centre of thought and will…
And concentration.
And again and again say, ‘Reveal thyself…’
As joy and wisdom and spiritual perception.
Again and again say, ‘Reveal thyself'”

I gotta say these instructions are some of the best on meditation I’ve ever heard.

Awake is an enjoyable film and I highly recommend it.

Okay, that’s me done for today.

Here’s wishing you a delightful one.

Bye for now


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