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Men, are you over 40?

By Marcus Santer

Clarabella and I watched one of my all time favourite movies together last night.

Alfred Hitchcock’s: Rear Window.

There’s so many awesome things about this film it’s hard to know where to begin.

Things like:

And not to mention it’s got Grace Kelly in.


Granted, I didn’t really understand what the whole who-har was about the wedding ring but I guess it was 1954 and things were kinda different back then?

So anyway, there we were watching it and what are the first words we hear as the film opens?

“Men, are you over 40? When you wake up in the morning
do you feel tired and run down? Do you have that listless feeling?”

As The Composer (Ross Bagdasarian) re-tunes the dial.

I wish I could’ve listened to the rest of that broadcast because it sounded like a perfect advert for ZEN+ =)

I consulted The Oracle and did a Google search to see if I could find out more.

And in the book “Hitchcock as Philosopher” by Robert J. Yanal he explains the lines as: “Marriage is constantly on this film’s mind. The first words spoken are by a radio announcer warning of a biological clock ticking away.”


It seems to be a common theme.

That once you’re in your 40’s everything starts to go down hill.

Like decline, weakness and loss of independence are somehow inevitable.


I’m stronger, fitter, healthier and more of a T-Rex than I ever was in my 20’s.

Back then I couldn’t do a single pull, now I can do 10 straight.

I’m in great shape and when I wake up in a morning I feel ready to kick ass and take names.

And I simply feel better in myself.

Not because I’m extraordinary or blessed with awesome DNA.

Heck, take a look in my historical gene pool and you’ll soon see there’s a load of junk floating around in it.

And it’s not because I found some mystical, magical, woo-woo secret to zest, pep, vim and vigour.

Hell no.

I simply discovered tried and tested ways to stack the odds of great health, strength, vitality and fitness in your favour.

It’s not complicated.

It’s not rocket science.

It sure as sugar not a secret.

And yes… You could do it to.

So I’ll leave you with this…

Are you over 40?

When you wake up in the morning do you feel tired and run down?

Do you have that listless feeling?

Then ==> You need this <== Bye for now Marcus P.S.I tell you, hand on heart, you couldn’t pay me enough to go back and be 20 or 30 again.

I’m simply so much happier now.

More certain about who I am, what’s important to me and what I stand for.

And my research into health and fitness has convinced me you can be strong, active and independent well into your 80’s and beyond.

As long as you give your body the 4 things it needs to thrive.

I call then: ZEN+

And the best place to get started is…

==> Right Here <==

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