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Meet the toughest creature on planet earth…

By Marcus Santer

Last night I was sat in the train station carpark at Teignmouth waiting for Clarabella to finish work.

So she can get some driving practice taking us home.

It was 5pm and I was early.

And I thought I’d listen to the radio whilst playing Backgammon on my phone.

And that’s when I heard the words:

“They look like bears with hoovers for noses…”

What, what, what?

Turns out the speaker was talking about Tardigrades.


Okay, here’s some facts…

They’re tough little critters.

And the secret to their ability to survive is this…

When they detect an environment that’s not healthy for them, they roll themselves up into a ball and expel 95 percent of their body’s moisture. They effectively turn themselves into a pot noodle made up only of the ingredients for life.

In this state that they can survive pretty much anything the universe can throw at them.

The jury is currently out as to whether in their mummified state they can ever actually die.

They’ve been found in active volcanos and nuclear reactors – though how they got clearance to get into the reactor is beyond me =)

They might effectively be immortal.

And when they get back to safety they uncoil from their ball and in just a few minutes they carry on going.

But you know what’s really humbling?

We’re still unable to work out how these microscopic moss pigs are able to do what they do.

I tell ya, you can’t make this stuff up.

So what’s this got to do with you?

Well, it’s a great reminder of what a fantastic planet you and I are living on and I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get so wrapped up in my own microcosm I need reminding about the world of wonder all around me.

Cuz, you know what?

It’s nice to take a break from researching the studies on successful ageing and just revel in the vast unknown all around us.

Anyway, Aprils Bumper 4th Birthday Journal isn’t going to write itself, so I best get back to it.

And if you’re not a ZEN+ Journal reader yet…

You can take care of that right here.

Bye for now


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