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Maximum Benefits, Minimum Time

By Marcus Santer

Shout out to my good friend and Accountability Partner: Jay.

He sent me this article the other day.

You should read it and get excited about it.

You should also note that the guinea pigs for this study weren’t elite athletes…

Ugh ugh…

They were:

“Over-weight/obese but otherwise healthy men and women.”

And It backs up what I’ve sharing with my ZEN+ Journal readers since the start of this year.

That you can get worthwhile health benefits from High intensity Training.

For example, studies prove:

And all it takes is just a total of 3 minutes of exertion spread out over 3 sessions a week.


Why does there always have to be a big fat stinky ‘but’ lurking around at a time like this?


  1. You have to go flat out, peddle to the metal, balls to the wall
  2. You have to wrap your exertion up with a warm up, a cool down and inject rest periods in-between. So whilst it’s true to say you are working for 3 minutes a week… It’s more accurate to say HIT’s going to take you 30 minutes total a week.

When all’s said and done though… That’s not bad.

So if you’re one of those normal folks that hates exercise, but know you’ve got to get some, HIT could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Personally I still suggest you complement your HIT training with plenty of walking, moving more and increasing your strength using old school callisthenics.

But if you can only do one thing, my recommendation is HIT.

And you’ll find a simple HIT schedule and further information on page 48 of my new book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

If you’ve already got your complementary PDF version I recommend you give it a test run today.

Just remember:

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of the new ZEN+ book, yet, you best get a wriggle on cos they’re being snapped up faster than a Cabbage Patch Doll on Christmas Eve back in the early 80’s!

Get yourself started on the ZEN+ way of life here.

Bye for now


P.S. The feedback since I sent the complementary PDF out to those who pre-ordered the book has been better than I dared hope.

Here’s what one excited reader had to say:

“Dude, I’m LOVING the book so far. It’s packed full of gems. It’s your best yet, speaking personally from my own ‘What I want to know’ self today 🙂

I’m up to chapter 7 so far and already you got me psyched…


Reserve your copy of the physical book today and you’ll also receive a complementary PDF (which I will sell for at lest £24 once the books are printed).

Full details here.

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