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Let me show you where the low hanging fruit is…

By Marcus Santer

Wow, it was a wild one last night.

The wind really picked up and you could hear bins being toppled over all up and down the estate.

I bet there’ll be bits of broken tree all over the woods this morning.

And the rain!

It was slamming so hard against the windows you’d think it was trying to break the glass.

But no fear.

By 10:30 I was all tucked up warm and in bed, wrestling to put the book down I’m reading. Telling myself I’ll just read one more chapter, you know the score. Being gripped tightly in the grasp of a good book makes getting to bed on time quite a challenge.

But no fear.

Soon, it’s dark, I’m drifting gently to sleep and I know I’m right on the brink of falling into it’s sweet embrace.

And then I hear it.

Then I hear the sound that pours adrenaline like hot acid into my veins.

The sound of water overflowing the gutter outside the bedroom window. It’s a sound that means trouble. A sound that means leaks in the flat roof below where my Woffice is.

And it’s goodbye sleep.

I tell you, I’m never buying another house with flat roofs.

I don’t know much about building, but I do know that water will always flow to the lowest point. Which means a flat roof is stupid idea, because the water just sits there, usually in puddles in the centre.

I’ll never understand why they don’t just put the roof at a slight angle so water will flow off it. I’m sure there’s a reason, but at stupid o’clock in the morning, all I can do is feel worried.

And then do what needs to be done to deal with the worry.

And then work on getting back to sleep.

All of which takes time.

All of which means I’m not firing on all cylinders right now.

Thanks heavens for Qigong!

Anyway as soon as Ollie leaves for school, you’ll find me up on the roof clearing all the moss out of the gutters.

As well as finishing off this months delayed ZEN+ Journal.

It’s 90% done, I just need to re-read and edit it a few times.

The main focus this month is using the ZEN+ Wheel to help you quickly and easily target which of the 4 cornerstones of ZEN+ you most need to work on. And then I’ve listed for each component 1 or 2 places I’d recommend you focus on.

I call it low hanging fruit.

For example: Getting a decent nights sleep on a daily basis is quicker, easier and will give you more bang for your buck straight out of the gate than learning Qigong.

I’ll also be looking at why fat has been wrongly demonised and explain why the whole:

Saturated fat => Increases cholesterol => Increases risk of heart disease

Is a crock of unicorn crap.

You’ll also discover why the Second World War can be linked to the obesity problem we all face today. And I’ll clearly explain what obesity is, what causes it and how to overcome it.

I’ll also tell you about a dream I had and why it’s important to you.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other good stuff in there too, but that’s all I can remember off the top of my head right now.

If you’re already a ZEN+ Journal reader, I apologise again for the delay and promise that come hell or high water, I will not go to sleep tonight until I’ve got the digital version to you.

And if you’re not a Journal reader yet…

What are you waiting for?

Bye for now


P.S. Try the Journal risk free today.

You get 2 whole months to decide if The Journal can be of value to you.

And I’ll even give you a gift to say thanks for trying it.

The gift alone is worth £65.

Here’s the worse that can happen if you try the journal today:

And we part as friends.

All the risk is on me.

I’m the one that’s down £119 if you decide in the first 2 months that The Journal isn’t your cup of tea.

You risk and lose nothing.

I can’t say any fairer than that now can I?

Try finding anyone else out there offering you a deal like that.

My accountant thinks I’m mad and keeps telling me to stop doing it. But I only want die hard raving fans as Journal readers.

Anyway, it’s all laid out here.

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