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[LY&FG] Step 2: Give your body the exercise it needs

By Marcus Santer

Continuing our look at 5 steps to help you feel great and look younger.

Or feel younger and look great?

You choose.

If you missed Step 1. You can find it here –> Manage Stress

Okay, Step 2 is…

Give your body the exercise it needs

Let me explain…

The body you have isn’t an accident. I don’t believe somebody sat down, before the dawn of time, and built the human body. I could be wrong… Maybe the human race is a long term social experiment set up by an alien species… Maybe we were made in the image of a supreme being.

I don’t know.

Personally I believe the body you’ve got is the result of millions of years of evolution.

And the body you have today is the way it is because it gave our species the advantages it needed to survive up until this point in time.

Overall, it’s a pretty good design.

Though I don’t think it’s evolved enough to live in the world we’ve created for it today.

What with:

I think the human body may have found a hurdle it can’t climb and the worst part is… We created it.

But I digress.

Give your body the type of exercise and movement it has evolved to excel at, and to respond favourably to, and it will reward you handsomely. You will look younger and feel great.

But if you don’t you wont.

Simple as that.

So what types of exercise has your body evolved to thrive and respond favourably to over many millennia?

Glad you asked.

Here are the four areas you want to aspire to excellence in:

  1. Walking – Improves health and reduces the risk of many illnesses
  2. Heavy Lifting – Builds strength which is essential for: Independence in later life, healthier bones, protect against injury, slips and falls. When your strength increases the relative intensity of ANY task decreases.
  3. Occasional Sprints – Improves aerobic fitness which simply means how well your heart and lungs get oxygen into your body – essential for healthy cells – the energy factories of your body.
  4. Moving More – Sitting on a chair for too long is hazardous to your health.

And you’re never too old to get started.

Give your body what it wants in order to thrive physically and it will reward you by looking younger and making you feel great.

Safety First: As always, get checked out by your doctor before undertaking any physical exercise and make sure they’re happy for you to get active.

Bye for now


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