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Living on the edge…

By Marcus Santer

I‘ve noticed there’s a habit of romanticising the lives of our ancient, hunter gatherer ancestors.

But watching a BBC documentary called:

Living on the Edge

With Clarabella last night got rid of that illusion.

In one part of the program we got to see a group of men fighting to cross crocodile infested waters and risking the dangers of stampeding elephants to get to the very edge of Victoria Falls in Zambia.

So they could fish.

How come?

Because the nearby rivers had dried up.

Image courtesy of the BBC

Image courtesy of the BBC

It’s hard and dangerous work just to get to the fishing point and standing on the edge of Victoria Falls, which can have up to 8,000 tonnes of falling water PER SECOND can be a bit risky too.

Going over the edge is a one way trip you’re not likely to come back from.

And it got me thinking back to the villagers of Campodimele in Italy, where the average life expectancy is 95.

And in case you’re wondering what these dudes have got in common with the fisherman in Zambia..

It’s that they work fecking hard to get food.

They work the fields to grow and harvest their own crops.

Hard, back breaking work.

They make pretty much all of their own food from scratch, which I’m sure leaves little time for surfing the Internet or watching hours of crap on TV.


Bottom line the fisherman and the folk of Campodimele expend a massive amount of energy to get their food.

And there’s a very popular trend at the moment for eating like our ancestors.

Which is great, but I don’t think many of us here in the West realise just what that means.

Here’s a experiment.

Consider the last time you got a weeks worth of food:

Whatever, how much energy did you have to expend to get it?

I’ll wager it wasn’t that much.

Now, don’t get me twisted.

I personally like modern life.

I like being able to:

And all of the benefits life in the 21st Century has to offer.

But there’s no escaping the very real and measurable dangers modern life exposes you to.

Such as:

And so on.

You can bet the fishermen in Zambia don’t have to worry about meeting sky high targets at work on minimum wage, whilst travelling for hours packed like sardines in a tin, just to get to work.

Sure, they certainly have their own stresses – like avoiding:

Which brings me to my conclusion…

Modern or traditional there’s no escaping the fact that life is hard.

So what are you to do?


You simply follow the principles of a ZEN+ Lifestyle, so you can get the best of both worlds whilst stacking the odds of a longer, healthier and happier life in your favour.

Best place to get started?

==> Right Here <==

Bye for now


P.S. Today’s Z+D reminded me of a saying I haven’t heard for a while:

“If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.”

Funny =)

To live and age well…

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