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Lessons from the Spanish ZEN Beasts direct experience…

By Marcus Santer

Now this is the kind of email I like to find in my inbox:

Hi Marcus,

I am so happy and excited with my achievement ๐Ÿ™‚ that I need to share with you. Exactly one year ago, by end October, I decided to work on the bridge.

I had never done it before, but I think that a healthy spine is critical as you get older, and since I became aware of calisthenics, I was sure that a bridge was something I had to pursue.

It has taken me 1 year, practicing consistently twice a week, to get to my first ever real bridge. Though I have not followed exactly the chain you propose, by that October 2014 I could easily do straight bridges for 1 minute.

But the step up to a full bridge was enormous.

I saw very little or even no progress at all during months, testing different movements aiming at improving my spine flexibility, and finally last Friday I got it, just 6 days after my 45 birthdate, I cannot think in any better self-present!.

Clearly there is great room for improvement, but the minimum is there.

And it has been possible thank to you, because you once put the seed of calisthenics in my brain.



***End email

You can see a picture of Pedro’s hard won full bridge below:


Now then…

There’s a lot you can learn from Pedro: AKA The Spanish ZEN Beast.

And if space permits in this months ZEN+ Journal I’ll cover it all in detail.

But for now, here’s the Readers Digest version:

Like I said I’ll cover everything in greater detail in Decembers Journal – because Pedro’s email is pure gold.

How come?

Because its lessons are straight from the mouth of someone who’s talking from direct experience…

And not some theory they read about.

Priceless stuff.

Though to be honest at 45 Pedro’s just a young whipper-snapper.

You see, I’m totally convinced that the human body is designed to be strong, fit and healthy well into its 80’s.


If you give it what it has evolved through millennia to thrive on.

Not convinced?

Make sure you go back and read this post I wrote on the 7th April: 4 folk that will destroy your negative views on ageing.

These folk are living proof of the benefits to be had if you:

The corner stones of a ZEN+ Lifestyle.

And if you want the full story on how to live healthier and stronger for longer…

You need a copy of this.

Bye for now


P.S. If you want to know more about living a ZEN+ lifestyle itโ€™s all laid out for you Here

And make sure you do the important exercise on page 40 because it might just change your view on what getting older really means.

โ€‹Toodle Pip!

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