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I’ve been doing it, what about you?

By Marcus Santer

5 days out of 7…

Since January 4th I’ve been getting up an hour earlier simply to study.

I wrote about why you might like to do the same here:

The fascinating question that can make you a world class expert.

It hasn’t been easy.

When I think about all the crap people have to deal with in this world, getting out of bed when it’s:

And dreary…

Well it seems like small potatoes really.

And yet…

Lying there all snug as bug in a rug,

I don’t know about you, but it’s a struggle sometimes.


This morning I got up, got dressed and went to the smallest room in the house.

I then did some other things…

But they’re part of a self experiment I’m working on at the moment, so I’ll keep that private for now.

And then I went downstairs…

First clue I had that all wasn’t right was Louis not being on the Sofa.

And the second clue was the stench.

Oh my.

I probably could find the words to explain it to you, but I like you too much to put that thought into your mind =)

So I switched on all the lights before moving further into a potential dog shit mine field.

I saw my target at the end of the room.

And not for the first time I gave thanks for the makers of laminate wood flooring.

I tell ya…

If you’ve got a pet and you don’t have it…

Gor bless ya.

Next I got all my tools ready:

And I got to work.

And quickly stopped.

The stench.

Fortunately I’m learning how to make folding knives and one of the tools I have is a full face mask.

Keeps out the noxious fumes from working with plastics and grinding metals.


I’m pleased to report it keeps nasty niffs at bay too.

30 minutes later the room was as good as new.

And I got on with my study.

Louis looking all sorry for himself and I haven’t given him his breakfast.

But he’s still up for his walk.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now.

Go for a walk.

You on the other hand?

I suggest you consider joining me for 28 days of online Cosmic Shower coaching.

That is of course if you qualify.

Having the moola simply isn’t enough to get in on this class.

Full details here.

Bye for now


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