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It’s Buffalo Season here in Dawlish

By Marcus Santer

Well it’s officially Buffalo Season here in Dawlish.

Yesterday as I saddled up to take Clarabella and Louis down to the Warren – Clarabella for her driving lesson and Louis for his swim in the sea – I noticed a distinct chilly, crispiness in the air.

So I went into my Woffice, to the corner where I keep my BOB (Bug Out Bag) and pulled out my trusty Buffalo Special 6 Shirt.

I’ve had this bad boy 16 winters now.

And I simply cannot say enough good things about it.

When it comes to:

It’s unbeatable.

Anyway, I’m not going to go on about it =)

Instead I’m going to give you a blast from the past.

A few weeks back whilst rummaging around my hard-drive I stumbled across a PDF document I wrote back in November 2012 titled: Buffalo Season.

It’s 5 pages long and it covers 2 key areas:

  1. Outdoor practice in cold weather
  2. Best principles to bear in mind when there’s no option but to train Qigong inside.

And you can get hold of it: Right Here

Bye for now


P.S. I was late getting out of bed this morning.

I usually wake up and I can tell by how light it is in the bedroom whether it’s time to get up or not.

But not today.

I woke up, opened an eye and took a peek.

It still looked very early.

I went back to sleep.

Later on, I took another look, it still looked very early.

And I was confused, because it felt like it was time to get up, but it looked like it was time to sleep.

So I reached out for my watch, pressed the light and discovered I was 39 minutes late. Now I’ve got my sleep really dialled in and I haven’t had to set the alarm for a while now.

But I guess there’s been a shift in the seasons and it’s gonna be darker for longer.

Oh well.

See, the world is full of change.

It’s natural.

And if you want help softening out the changes that happen as you get older, helping your body to stay strong and healthy…

I suggest you get a copy of my book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

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