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It was all Ollie’s idea…

By Marcus Santer


Date: 17/08/2016
Time 06:31
Place: Clansman Hotel, Lochness, Scotland

It was all Ollie’s idea.

“Let’s go watch the sunrise tomorrow” he said over a glass of milk.

I did a quick check and 05:46 didn’t sound to bad.

“Okay son.” I said “Let’s do this”.

That night I set two alarms…

05:40 and the first alarm went off.

I rolled out of bed, opened the curtains and fell back into bed.

With the room facing East I figured we’d have a grand view of the sun rising without even having to get up.

Ollie had other ideas though…

He sat up, rubbed his eyes, started getting dressed and said: “This is my first sun rise.”

That was it.

No way was this going to be a mundane experience, 5 minutes later all suited and booted, we crept out of the hotel, through the underpass and out onto the small harbour used by the Jacobite boat cruises.

At loch level we waited.

The light creeping ever brighter over the Monadhliath Mountains in the distance.

Ollie saw it first.

“There!” he said and pointed.

And there it undeniably was, the first molten lava yellow arc of the sun lifting slowly and unstoppably over the mountains.

I felt something stirring in my soul, a connection to the infinite, stretched out my arms and said: “Good morning Sunshine.” And turning to Ollie I wrapped my arms around him and said: “Good morning son, thank you for suggesting this I will cherish it for the rest of my life.”

And in typical teenage fashion he replied:

“What, for the next two years then?”

But the cheeky smile on his face said it all.

06:15 we turned around and headed back to the hotel.


Now then, our Nessie hunting expedition was a bust.

After visiting the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition at Drumnadrochit we both concluded Nessie is a myth.

How come?

Well, just quickly:

And so on.

Lets just say it’s a nice idea, but I believe the Loch Ness monster is a myth.


There’s no myth surrounding the steps needed to stack the odds of a longer, healthier and more independent life in your favour.

I’ve done the research…

…Read the studies…

… And discovered the 7 highly effective habits of the longest living people on this beautiful planet.

Whilst each of the 7 habits are important, some will give you a better return on your investment than others.

And I’ll be sharing it all in my new book:

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid (working title for now).

Coming in 2017.

But if you don’t want to wait until then, make sure you’ve got a copy of the ZEN+ book, it’s the prototype upon which The HAP is being built.

Bye for now


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