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Is this the truest expression of who you are?

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday quote:

“Goodness is the truest expression of who we are.”
Tara Brach

I’m struggling at the moment.

Can’t lie.

On Wednesday evening Clarabella went to bed early with some bug.

And Saturday morning she’s still in bed with it.

It’s really knocked her for six.

So on top of my own work I’m also busy:

Fortunately Sammy’s quite capable of looking after himself…

Apart from needing the odd cuddle here and there.

But I think we both benefit from that.


When I’m feeling under pressure I like to turn to the work of Tara Brach.

I find she helps me to right size things.

So today I’m going to break from tradition.

And instead of recommending one of my quality products to help you stack the odds of a longer, stronger and happier life in your favour…

I’m going to suggest you listen to a Tara Brach talk instead.

You’ll find many to chose from here.

Bye for now


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