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Is this the biggest reason why you fail?

By Marcus Santer

So you want to know what the biggest reason is why you fail with your goals?

I sure did.

So I went looking.

And yesterday whilst trundling around the supermarket doing the Christmas food shop (because Tesco had no delivery slots free this week) I chewed on this question.

The most likely answer came just as Ollie reminded me I’d forgotten the milk.

And whilst he went back for it, I chewed a little deeper.

Fact is, we humans are social creatures.

We need contact with our fellow humans.

Now some folk need a lot of social contact and others – like me – need very little.

But make no mistake about it…

You’re somewhere on the scale.

And that’s a clue.

Here’s another…

Before I wrote my first book: “Shaolin Chi Kung” back in 2008, I’d been trying – and failing – to write it for about 2 years.

How come?

Because I was trying to do it on my own.

But as soon as I dropped a huge chunk of change and got myself a mentor and an Accountability Partner (AP)…

That book came to life in double quick time.

If I remember correctly it took only 6 months to go from first draft to final edit.

Now I was interrupted from my musing by Ollie arriving back with the milk and as we continued our tour of the supermarket I cast my mind back quickly and realised the following.

Whenever I have a task
of importance to complete
I ALWAYS get support

Usually in the form of an AP.

But not always.

I’ve been a member of quite a few groups over the years.

Gatherings of people who’re working towards achieving some shared goal or outcome.

And there you have it.

The biggest reason why you’ve failed in the past to:

And pretty much anything you wanted to do.

I mean assuming of course it was something you really wanted to do and not just kinda wanted to do.

I wanted to make that distinction.

And the biggest reason why you’ll fail in the future to make even small changes in your:

Is because your doing it alone.

Bottom line?

Your chances of success increase
when you’ve some form of social support.

And in January I will be inviting applications to join what I’m currently calling the Cosmic Shower Mastery coaching group.

And it will take place in February 2016.

Group members will receive:


Based on my experience working with the: ‘No Processed Food November‘ and ‘Fantastic Sleep February‘ groups, I will also create a private ‘Cosmic Shower Class Members Only‘ Facebook group page.

Where I’ll be popping in daily to support you.

It will also be a place you can go when you’ve questions, want to share your experience about the Cosmic Shower Mastery Class or simply gain strength and support from your fellow group members.


If you’d like more details about the online, Cosmic Shower Mastery class…

You’ll find everything that’s currently available: Right Here

Bye for now


P.S. When I looked back on the times I’ve succeeded in making changes and improvements in my life. More often than not I had this:

Social support.

And when I failed to make changes and improvements in my lifeI lacked this:

Social support

So, when I launch the online coaching for the Cosmic Shower Mastery Class in February 2016, I will be doing all I can to make sure you get as much support from me and the rest of the group as you need.

To increase your success at developing this advanced Qigong skill.


Because of the amount of input from me…

Places will very limited.

I’m currently thinking 10 to 20 max.

And conditions will apply.

Not everyone will be eligible or able to join the group.

For all the details I currently have…

Please go here

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