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Is there a magnificent obsession for everyone?

By Marcus Santer


I was watching the CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession documentary on Netflix last night.

And it wasn’t long before the scratch I cannot itch was activated.

Let me explain…

CT Fletcher AKA The Superman of Compton was a record holder in the bench press and curl when he suffered a major cardiac event brought on by:

Fortunately open heart surgery saved his life.

And his doctors told him the weight lifting part of his life was over.

Well, a year later, despite the warnings that it could kill him, he started lifting weights again. And 10 years later – aged 56 – he’s still pumping enough iron to crush a small planet.

He calls it his ‘Iron Addiction’.

And let’s face it, to go back to something after open heart surgery, after being warned there’s a good chance it’s gonna kill you…

…Well, that’s as good a definition for an addiction as any.

Which brings me back to the splinter in my soul.

This notion of following your passion.

I’d love to have such a passion.

I’d love to feel what the success preachers teach.

That folk with a passion don’t just get out of bed, their passion, their mission, their ‘Why’ pulls them out of bed.

Must be nice.

And I’m always jealous and happy to watch folk like CT Fletcher talk about their passion, it’s infectious.

But what do the rest of us passion-less folk do?

I mean, is there really a passion for each of us simply waiting for you to put in the work to track it down and discover it?

A passion that would possess you…

… Keep you up at night working on it, pull you out of bed in a morning to get started on it…

… Is there a magnificent obsession for everyone?

Or is it as rare as rocking horse poop?

I honestly don’t know.

You tell me.

But at times like this – when I feel down because I don’t have a magnificent obsession – I remind myself of a conversation I had with my friend Michael after he’d finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book: Big Magic.

He said: ‘You’re not really looking for a passion, just something that can hold your interest and your curiosity, much less pressure.”

That’ll do for me Tommy =)

Right, gotta get back to work.

Bye for now


P.S. Talking about something that’s holding my interest and curiosity right now…

The Healthy Ageing Pyramid (HAP)

You’ll be pleased to know I secured the services of an editor for The HAP book yesterday.

He’s the dude who edited Smiling From The Heart and the ZEN+ book, so you know it’s in capable hands.

Now I simply need to:

All by December 1st… Should keep me out of trouble =)

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