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Is the daily grind harming your health?

By Marcus Santer

I bought Clarabella a new radio alarm clock for Christmas.

Her old one was a disaster.

It was impossible to tune in correctly and only had two volume settings:



Make your ears bleed.


Yesterday morning as we lay there appreciating the sound quality of the new alarm I heard the following announcement:

8 in 10 people in the uk – aged 40 to 60 – are putting their health at risk because they’re either:

1. Overweight – In this age bracket 77% of men and 63% of women are either overweight or obese. Obese adults are more than 5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, than those who are a healthy weight (have a Waist to height ratio of less than 0.5)

2. Drinking too much – Exceeding the Chief Medical Officer’s alcohol guidelines


3. Not doing enough exercise.

My sleepy thought was gone and I was on the case…

I dived out of bed, cranked up my trusty iMac and re-listened to the Radio 4 broadcast [1].

Which lead me to the Public Health England (PHE) website [2].

PHE claim the daily grind of everyday life and desk based jobs have resulted in health becoming the least of peoples priorities.

It also suggests that many 40 to 60 year olds are unable to identify what a ‘healthy’ body looks like, which could mean obesity has become the new normal.


And looking at their statistics, you see that for this group (40 to 60) diabetes has doubled in the last 20 years.

The Solution?

Personally I recommend you apply the 7 habits of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid to your life.


I appreciate this is easier said than done.

How come?

Because the uncomfortable truth most people want to ignore is the vast majority of 40 to 60 year olds simply don’t have the time to look after themselves.


Well, if you’re in this group you probably already know the answer.

It’s because you’re part of what’s being called ‘The Sandwich Generation’.

Which means you’re squashed between looking after children (and grandchildren) and elderly parents.

Now – unlike most folk out there – I’ve never claimed stacking the odds of a longer, stronger and healthier life in your favour was going to be easy…

But with a New Year on the horizon, there’s no better time to start making small changes now and the 25 questions of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid Checklist can help you to make these changes one step at a time.

Starting with the ones proven to have the biggest beneficial impact on your life.

You’ll find the HAP Checklist at the back of the HAP book on page 137.

Applying the 7 habits of the HAP to your life will give you freedom from uncertainty because they’re a foolproof plan to help you live longer in better health.

Think of them as a rock you can cling to when popular media wants to distract you with instant fixes, expensive dead ends and no-nothing celebrities pimping the latest fad for a big fee.


I’m expecting delivery of 100 books around January 16th 2017.

But if you pre-order a copy today…

You’re going to get some cool benefits:

But hurry because there are only 100 copies being printed and when they’re gone…

They’re gone.

Reserve your copy now before you get distracted.

Bye for now


P.S. In the last 5 days 27 intelligent, sophisticated and good looking folk have reserved their copy of The Healthy Ageing Pyramid.

So with only 73 copies left… go here now to pre-order your copy.

[1] BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ Program (28th December 2016)
[2] Public Health England Press Release: Modern life responsible for ‘worrying’ health in middle aged

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