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Intelligent energy in action…

By Marcus Santer

Well, the first ever Cosmic Shower Coaching Class has come to an end.

And I think I learned as much as the students.

In fact I feel a little sad now it’s over.


I got this email from a Cosmic Shower Coaching Class student:

“In some ways I believe that the Chi is an aspect of the Divine in action.
When we remove the blockages to its functioning it blesses us in many ways and on many levels.
I like to think of it as intelligent energy in action.
When it is free to act in us and lead the way
it reveals the optimal unfoldment of its dance and drama called life.
At the deepest level it is the dancer and we are the witness.
If we don’t get in the way it is free to give us the best show…”

I love emails like this from my students.

Because it shows me that they’ve really got it.

They understand from their own direct experience what the practice of Qigong is all about.

And as a teacher it gives me a warm glow inside.

Another CSCC student while we were discussing the Cosmic Shower explained it like this:

“It’s a cleansing technique,
​ending with a prayer direct from your spirit.”

Oh, I like that!

You know what?

I think it’s fair to say this Cosmic Shower Coaching Class has been one of the favourite classes I’ve ever taught.

The students clearly gained valuable benefits and insights in a short time.

And I got to enjoy working with a dedicated group of cool folk.

It’s been a great month for all of us.

The good news is:

I will definitely be opening up the doors for new students to enrol in in a few months time.

So watch this space.

Bye for now


P.S. Cosmic Shower is an advanced Qigong technique.

Not everyone reading this qualifies to attend.

​But if you want to make certain you’re ready for the next class…

This is the best place to go.

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