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Imagine if your taste buds were less effective than a cats…

By Marcus Santer

Okay, so this is a dog walking factoid I picked up whilst out with Louis yesterday.

So I’m not vouching for its validity.

I was talking with Frank whist Louis was licking something disgusting off the floor in the woods.

It’s one of his less attractive features.

And Frank told me dogs have twice as many taste buds as cats but a lot less than humans which is why you can keep giving them the same food day in and day out.

Makes sense.

I mean in Louis 7 trips around the sun he’s only ever had Pedigree Chum or Butchers Choice tinned dog food.

Certainly not a massive variety in that time.

Which got me thinking…

You see, the problem with junk food is that it tastes so damn fine.

Now imagine if you could take a tablet, or have an injection in your tongue that deadened your taste buds so they were even less effective than a cats.

Everything would taste the same.

I think it’s a terrible idea, but I bet it would help to stop a lot of people from over eating foods that do their body no good.

Consider this…

Imagine if a mixed salad packed full of veggies tasted exactly the same as a pizza.

Hmm, got you thinking now haven’t I?

Anyway, I’ve got to get going.

The ZEN+ Journal isn’t going to write itself.

This months it’s looking at 50 of the worlds worst to best diets.

And extracting what you can learn from them.

And answering the question:

Why is there no such thing as the perfect human diet?

I’ll also introduce you to the stress cup metaphor, why mine has been overflowing recently, what that means to your health and how to empty it safely.

Now originally I’d planned to add a whole lot more…

But it’s already weighing in at 16 pages and I usually like them to be around 12.


It goes to the printer on Monday, so if you want to get a copy, you best get a groove on.

==> Make this your next stop <== Bye for now Marcus P.S. I couldn’t help it.

Louis simply gonna have to wait a little longer for his walk.

So I did a bit of digging.

Turns out dogs have about 1700 taste buds – nearly four times as many as cats that have about 470.

And us humans?

On average we have 10,000.

And they’re replaced every two weeks or so.

Except as you get older, not all of them are replaced.

So by the time you get really old you might only have 5,000 taste buds working.

Still a heckuvalot more than our feline and doggy friends.

Hey, I can’t help it.

I love to research and collect facts.

Which means you can depend on me to always share my best current understanding of a subject with you.

And I share all my best and most up to date research and findings – material that can help your to live healthier for longer – in my monthly ZEN+ Journal.

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