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Ignore these 3 basics of human life and you’re heading for trouble…

By Marcus Santer

Shout to Larry C from the Hawkeye State =)

He sent me the link which led to today’s ZEN+ Daily post.

Because when you’re writing everyday…

A little assistance and support goes a long way.

As Hawkeye Larry put it: “Here’s a TEDx that emphasises your teachings from a slightly different perspective. Dr Shimi Kang: The Dolphin Way…”

Intrigued I fired up Youtube and got comfy.

Here are the notes I made whilst I watched:

  1. Play – Is a basic of life it needs to be simple, unstructured, limitless, no rules and imaginative. Play stimulates reward and makes us more comfortable with risk. Play helps us to adapt.
  2. Others – Social connection is a basic of life. Social isolation is harmful to health. Meaningful social relationships light up the reward centres of our brains.
  3. Downtime – Humans have forgotten that rest and relaxation is a basic of life. When you give yourself downtime you are rewarded.


My favourite bit was right at the end when Dr Kang was explaining how her mother was asking why she’d put so much science into her book – The Dolphin Way – that she saw as simply a book of common sense.

And her reply was:

“We humans are in a place of paradox. That we do need science as permission for common sense.”


Gonna have to contemplate on that one =)

Dr Shimi Kang’s talk: What one skill = an awesome life? Is 19 minutes long and well worth a watch:

I also like one of the comments a viewer left:

“Isn’t if funny? We got washing machines, can reach any point in the world within 48h, got internet (imagine communication before electricity) and numerous machines working for us. Yet, we have less time than before.”

Now that really is worth chewing on.

Right time for some driving practice with Clarabella.

Bye for now


P.S. Whilst I might not be a best selling author and my books might not have been translated into several different languages…

But I still believe that when it comes to living and ageing well…

You won’t find a more comprehensive…

Easily accessible…

And backed up by hardcore science book than:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living and Ageing Well.

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