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I was too scared to look at it

By Marcus Santer

Two few nights ago I was sitting on the sofa with my bare feet up on the TV table.

Like most accidents, I had no idea how it happened.

I certainly couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid.

But that’s accidents for you.

I was looking at Clarabella at the time, so it is possible she bewitched me with her beauty.


My legs were crossed and the top leg slid off, which meant my bare foot was falling through space, rapidly accelerating as my heal hit the corner of the TV table.

And that wicked wooden pointy edge did all but tear the soft flesh on the sole of my foot.

From heel to toe.

Now have you ever had an accident and been too scared to look at the injury site because you’re worried about what it’s going to look like?

That was me.

But I got there slowly and all I could see was an angry red line on my foot.

Clarabella told me to rub it, which I did, but that just seemed to make it hurt even more.

And when I went to bed later it was still throbbing so bad it became a real struggle to get to sleep.

It’ll come as no surpass to you when I say my first thought upon waking in the morning was: I wonder how my foot is?

In the pitch black I stood up and tested it as I walked to the bathroom. There was a definite tightness but to my relief… no pain.

And this morning it’s like nothing happened.

Which is another reason why your body is so amazing.

It has powerful, natural healing systems within it.

I didn’t know how to make my foot heal, I just had to let my body get on and do what it does.

Your body has these powerful healing mechanisms too.

And how you live your life, what you do on a daily basis can either strengthen them or weaken them.

Now whilst ageing is inevitable – and preferably to the alternative – getting weaker and more prone to illness as you age isn’t. It’s just we think it is because that’s what we see happening to most folk around us.

But the truth is it’s neglect and poor lifestyle choices – over time – that cause the natural healing power of your body to lose its power.

You see, when you’re young you can:

And so on.

And seem to get away with it.

But such activities are depleting your bodies amazing self healing power.

And as you age you naturally become weaker and don’t age as well as you could.

Now the good news is, your body wants to be healthy.

And if you’re still breathing, it’s not too late to make changes that help to rekindle and fortify these healing mechanisms.

Trouble is, you’re usually having to undo decades of neglect.

So changes might not come as quickly as you’d like, which is why most people give up before they start to see the benefits of their actions.

And let’s not forget… Changing old, deeply engrained habits is hard work.

Sorry to have to be the one to tell you this.

However, if you’re determined this time, if you’re sick and tired of feeling tired and sick, help, support and guidance is just a click away.

Details here.

Bye for now


P.S. I know.

Most of you reading this are already doing a pretty darn fine job of helping to keep your body’s self healing mechanisms firing on all cylinders.

But there’s always room for improvement.

Go here next.

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