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I waited 27 years for this video

By Marcus Santer

When I was 16 I saw my first Arnie film: Conan the Barbarian

Having grown up in the sticks of deepest darkest Yorkshire and then moving down to sleepy Devon I had no idea it was possible to look like that.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at another human being and been unable to process what I see.

Well, apart from Erin Gray in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century =)

Seeing Arnie in Conan woke up something in that younger version of me and very shortly afterwards I started pumping iron. But this was in the days before the Internet, Google and Wikipedia. And trying to find any information was nearly impossible.

So my workouts were poor and my results were poorer.

I ended up getting my information out of borrowed muscle mags from other gym rats. And started following the work outs of the professionals.


Nearly killed myself and wouldn’t be surprised if I did myself permanent damage.

Here’s a picture of me at 18:


After a few years I simply couldn’t get the size I wanted and gave up.

But an interest in body building never left me alone. I’d dip back in every now and then and dip back out even more disillusioned with the whole subject. The only conclusion I could reach was I was either missing some really important piece of the puzzle or I was being lied to.

Well yesterday, I discovered – after 27 years – it was a bit of both.

You see, Sunday is my favourite day of the week because it’s the day I devote to filling up my ideas tank. It’s when I look at all research, reports, videos, web pages and articles I’ve stacked up during the week.

And yesterday I stumbled across the video I’ve been waiting my entire adult life to watch.

By the time I’d finished watching it I finally understood why it might not be possible to look like Arnie (genetics and pharmaceutical assistance) but it is possible to get big if you’ve got a proven plan and the determination to execute it.

The video was called: I want to look like that guy – and documented Stuart McDonald as he transformed from being a typical, soft, 40 something year old dude into the guy you see in the fitness ads.

He spent 2 years training with Jeff Willet – natural body builder and IFBB professional.

It’s a real eye opener and you can get it here.

Now then, pay close attention. Because what I’m going to share with you next is important to you even if you’ve no interest in body building whatsoever. Truth is, iIf you’ve ever considered getting into better shape or improving your health…

You need to read what comes next.

Because during Stuarts ordeal to get into his best shape – and yes it was an ordeal – he shared some real nuggets of gold.

Such as:

“We spend billions a year looking for the easiest way to transform our bodies, but there isn’t an easy way.”

“We buy health products because of their claims and lure of looking like the guy [or girl] in the photo. Forget it. The claims are phoney and the photo is misleading and in some cases completely fake.”

“Ads get away with it in the disclaimer: Results may vary. Or: For best results combine with a healthy diet and exercise.”

Those 3 quotes above paint a pretty bleak picture of the health and fitness industry. But from my own experience of trying and failing – over and over again and investing 1000’s in:

I believe them to be true.

I also believe few of us realise just how hard it is to look like the folk we see in the ads. But… It is far easier to improve your body for the better if you have reasonable expectations.

And that’s what ZEN+ is all about.

Helping you to live and age well, to extend your life and to extend your good health.

I’ll provide the plan, you just have to execute it.

Best place to get started?

Right here.

Bye for now


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