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I spent the night feeling like my brain was boiling in acid…

By Marcus Santer

“What’s it say?” I asked Clarabella weakly.

“37.9C” she replied “yeah, you’ve got a slight fever.”

I already knew that because I’d spent the night feeling like my brain was boiling in acid.

So long story short I stayed in bed for the whole of yesterday.

I didn’t look at one computer screen and the only thing I wrote down was: “1 in 4 kids leaving school obese” – a shocking statistic I heard on the radio and one I want to dig into.

Other than that I read, slept, drank water and took paracetamol.

And today?

Today I feel much better.

Not 100 percent, but certainly well enough to write =)

And today I’d like to write about dancing…

So let’s get one thing straight…

I don’t dance in public.

Too many years of people asking me to stop dancing because it was making them feel queasy.

​Straight up.

I was once compared to looking like a spider having a seizure.


And one person wondered if I had more joints than most folk?


It’s weird because I actually love dancing.

And when I was a kid going to pick up my sister from ballet lessons, all I wanted to do was join in. But boys didn’t do ballet when I grew up in deepest darkest Yorkshire.

Sure, I could do something about it now.

It’s never to late to start right?


Trouble is…

There’re only so many hours in a day.

Only so much you can do.

And as someone once said: “You can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything you want… So choose wisely.”

So now I save my dancing for Louis.

He really likes it.

It gets him all jazzed up and ready to play.

It’s great fun.

And instead I choose to invest my time researching and writing about how to live and age well.

It’s nearly as much fun as dancing with Louis.

And today I’m going to put the finishing touches to Decembers ZEN+ Journal.

I reckon after final editing it’ll weigh in at 14 pages.

And within it’s pages you’ll find:



Like I said I’m doing final edits and plan to get it out by Thursday.

So if you’d like to grab yourself a copy…

You’ve still got time.

You’ll find full details on this page: The ZEN+ Journal

Bye for now


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