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I robbed a bank and it’s all Bill Cosby’s fault…

By Marcus Santer

With a title as provocative as this, I s’pose I better cut right to the chase…

I had a very vivid dream last night.

In it I robbed a bank.

It was so real.

I felt…

I saw…

I heard…

I smelt…

Everything in super hardcore reality.

And it all went wrong.

I was going to jail.

And I was going for a very long time.

I was in court being sentenced.

Suddenly everything I was going to lose flooded through me like a tidal wave.

Grief like I’ve never felt drowned me.

I was falling into a bottomless pit of despair.

And then I heard a strange ringing noise, woke up and realised…

‘It was all just a dream’.

But the sense of relief that exploded through my body wasn’t.

That was real.

I was so grateful for my freedom.

I was so grateful not to be going to prison for a very long time.

I was so grateful full stop.

And as I got out of bed I was suddenly reminded of last nights Systema (Russian martial art) class by the pain in my neck as a result of landing badly after being thrown to the ground.

But you know what?

Who cares?

I’m free.

I got downstairs and discovered Sammy the cat had vomited 4 times on the kitchen table.

But you know what?

Who cares?

I’m free.

I looked at the all the work still left to be done in order to get my workshop into shape.

But you know what?

Who cares?

I’m free.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so grateful for my freedom.

It’s something I usually take totally for granted because I’ve rarely felt in danger of losing it.

And as I write this it makes me wonder what else I’m taking for granted?

Probably more than I realise.

Now then, if you’re a regular here, you know an attitude of gratitude is an important tool for Staying Young your whole life.

And I invite you to spend a few minutes after reading this post to consider the people and things in your life you’d miss if they were taken away from you.

Because right there, you’ve got a powerful list to be grateful for.

Remember, the benefit of practicing gratitude is it’s power to take your focus away from what you don’t have and place it firmly on what you do.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of gratitude as you journey through life.

In fact, why not make a list right now of 10 people or things you’d miss like crazy if you didn’t have them.

But before you go, I want to finish by saying how grateful I am to you for reading this post and for your interest in my work.

I appreciate you.

Bye for now


P.S. Oh, yeah…

You might be wondering why this dream was Bill Cosby’s fault?

Well, when I got in last night from my Systema class, I found Clarabella watching the end of a BBC documentary on the fall from grace of Bill Cosby.

And I went to bed straight after it.

Not the best preparation for a good nights sleep I can tell ya!

And I think that’s why I had my bad dream.

And I should know better.

And if you’d like to discover the right way to set yourself up for a great nights sleep…

The kind of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed…

The kind of sleep where, by time your feet hit the floor you feel ready to take on the day from a position of strength and full of energy…

I suggest you check this out.

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