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I had no idea how much trouble this book would cause…

By Marcus Santer

With an ongoing history since 2006, it’s hard to know where to begin with today’s 45th Birthday offer…

So I’ll start typing and see where we end up.

Shaolin Chi Kung18 Exercises to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

What a ride that was.

I always wanted to be an author.

Ever since my love for books began way back when – All thanks to the headmaster of my primary school.

And in 2006 I saw a way to make that a reality.

After 6 years of practicing Shaolin Chi Kung and 3 years of teaching it I was head-over-heels in love with this Qigong set.

So I asked permission from my teacher to write the book on it.

And it was granted.

And for over a year I did nothing more than think about writing it.

It wasn’t until another instructor started making noises about writing a book on this famous Shaolin Chi Kung set that I realised I needed to get to work.

So I dropped $2,000 on a program to help me get it written in 90 days.

It took a little longer than that.

But not too much.

And after having various drafts critiqued and improved by my teacher and various high ranking instructors within the school…

In 2008 I went to print.

The first 200 hard-copy books sold out in less than a week.

But I hadn’t realised what a chain of events I’d set in motion. Within weeks I began to receive links to videos from people doing various forms from the book.

And asking me to give them feedback.

Now get this…

I’d written the book to the very best of my ability.

The head of the school had reviewed the book.

Senior instructors within the school had reviewed the book

It was as clear and step-by-step as possible.

And yet in 9 out of every 10 videos folk sent me, their form was terrible.

Sometimes even dangerous.

I clearly remember one video I watched of a guy doing Lohan Strikes With Wide Eyes, at first I thought it was a joke. I mean how anyone could read the instructions and convert it into what he was doing, well it had to be a joke right?


What was especially perplexing was that I’d spent so much time getting the photographs for the book right.

And then the wonderful Claire spent 3 days locked in a room creating what I’ve come to call: Transition Shot Technology or TST for short.

By layering 3 or 4 shots on top of each other it really is as close to ‘a video in a book’ as you can get (you can see a sample of what I mean below)



Long story short I knew I had to create video instructions.

But there was no way the school I was with were going to let that one fly. There was a very clear policy: Books were fine, videos were not.

So in 2009 I left.

I went from being a big fish in a small pond to being an outcast.

People I’d once called ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ now either ignored me or sent me hate filled email’s calling me traitor and… worse.

But enough about that.

Buy me a coffee next time we meet and I’ll tell you the full story if you want to hear it.

For now, let me just say it wasn’t very nice and leave it at that.

Moving on…

Today – as part of my 5 days of birthday celebrations – I’d like to offer you 45 percent off my first book:

Shaolin Chi Kung – 18 Exercises to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.

And when I think about all the hard work that went into it – I’m confident it will continue to be the most comprehensive book on the famous Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands Qigong set for quite some time.

It was the first product I ever created and paved the way for everything that came afterwards.

It will always have a special place in my heart.

Click here for the full blurb on this book.

And then click here to get it with 45 percent off.

But hurry because this offer ends on Sunday.

Bye for now


P.S. I’ve written 5 books on living and ageing well.

And co-authored 2 more.

One on folding knife making and one of success.

And I’ll be writing my 8th book later this year: The 7 Habits of Healthy Ageing – Using the Healthy Ageing Pyramid to stack the odds of a longer, stronger and healthier life in your favour.

At least that’s the working title.

But it all began back in 2008 with Shaolin Chi Kung.

And as part of my 45th birthday celebrations, for a limited time only, you can get it for 45 percent off.

Offer ends Sunday.

No exceptions.

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