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I can feel my nerves starting to crank into gear…

By Marcus Santer

The Saturday Quote:

“Real knowledge is about exposure”
Dr Eric Thomas

Today’s quote is deep.

About 12 years ago I put on my first free Qigong presentation as a precursor to a 12 week class I was going to teach in London.

I planned meticulously because I was terrified.

You see I never wanted to stand in front of folk and teach – I was the kid who’d never raise his hand in class, who’d always have sleepless nights before doing presentations in front of fellow students and so on.

But due to a series of unfortunate circumstances I found myself unemployed and needing to make an income.

Long story short…

I exposed myself to teaching Qigong.

I found it a frightening experience.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’d frequently find myself stood waiting in class, wondering when the teacher was going to tell us what to do next… and then realise I was the teacher and everyone was waiting for me!

I can laugh about it now.


Through a mixture of desperation and hard-work I got to a place where I could teach without wanting to vomit.

I even got to a place where I enjoyed it.

But you know what’s weird?

I’ve never totally got rid of a certain level of anxiety before teaching.

And it used to bother me.

Until I realised I needed a bit of stress to help me give my best, to strive to teach better than I had before and to make every student present feel like they’d got at least 10 times more value than what they’d paid to be there.

And now 12 years on, as I sit here preparing for the PERFECT Qigong Norway workshops next week…

I can feel the old nerves starting to crank into gear.

And they’re welcome.

Because I know – harnessed effectively – they’ll help me to deliver my best teaching yet.

So if you can get to Trondheim next Saturday and Sunday…

I’d love to meet you in person and share PERFECT Qigong with you.

Full details on this page.

Bye for now


P.S. There’s another quote I like that goes like this:

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

During my time teaching Qigong I’ve:

And more.

But you know what?

If you want to get good at something you’ve got to expose yourself to situations you’d prefer to avoid.

I sometimes think that success demands you take risks.

Calculated risks for sure.

But risks none the less.

So if your ship is sat in safe harbour and your feeling restless… Maybe it’s time you exposed yourself to the elements and set sail for a new shore?

I’ll leave that with you.

But in the meantime if you’re thinking about joining me in Norway… Don’t leave it much longer.

Full details here.

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