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How to run 10,426 miles in 1 year, 1 month and 6 days…

By Marcus Santer



I’m a little later than planned writing to you today because I got stuck listening to a program on BBC Radio 4.

Twas called One to One and featured playwright David Greig talking to Ben Smith.

Now Ben is attempting to set a new world record:

401 back-to-back marathons.

And at the time of the interview he’d just completed his 254th day.

Think about it…

Can you imagine running 26 miles every day, for 401 days straight?

That’s 10,426 miles.

Of course you’re going to need a team of physiotherapists, chiropractors and coaches to keep you going.

Not to mention having to eat 6,500 calories a day to stay fuelled.

And as glorious as that might sound, trust me… eating that amount of calories from real food ain’t easy.

Now Ben’s story is fascinating.

A combination of factors lead him to become an extreme runner.

Ah, if only it was that easy for all of us huh?

Finding something you love is the key.

I recently read Dick Van Dyke’s book: Keep Moving and other tips and truths about ageing.

In it he wrote about how you shouldn’t do work you hate.

As I read it, my eyes began to roll in my head…

I mean come on, how trite and cliched is that?

Can you imagine telling your boss to stick their job cos you’re going to ride off into the sunset and do what you love instead?

It’s a nice dream ain’t it?

But how many of us have that option?

And I was just about to toss the book into the bin when I decided to read the next line:

“If you can’t do what you love in order to make a living, find a hobby that you can’t wait to get to after work. You need passion and joy in your life. Family. Love. Passion. And Joy.”

Now that’s good advice.

So if you’re like me and you can make a living doing what you love – Congratulations… Keep it up for as long as you can.

But if you’re one of the ‘too many’ folk who don’t like their jobs…

What hobby do you have in your life you can’t wait to run home to after work and get on with?

Ben’s is running.

What’s yours?

One final note about Ben’s interview I found particularly fascinating…

Running was something he found he enjoyed.

Up to that point most of his life was spent doing stuff for other people.

Running was the first thing he truly did for himself.

Hmmm, interesting huh?

Anyway… I need to get June’s ZEN+ Journal finished up for my Journal readers.

So I’ll wrap up by saying there are still 7 places left on June’s Cosmic Shower Coaching Class which starts tomorrow.

Which is great news…

…How come?

Because it means those who join me are going to be able to spend some seriously quality time with me over the next 28 days getting their Cosmic Shower practice working well for them.

Today is your last day to join us.

And you can do that here.

Bye for now


P.S. Let me sum up today’s post into 3 important points for you:

  1. Find something you love
  2. If you can’t love your work, find a hobby you can’t wait to get home and do
  3. Make sure there’s a least one thing in your life you do solely for yourself and not for other people

And there are still 7 places left on June’s Cosmic Shower Coaching Class

Full details here

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