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How to release your ‘imprisoned splendour’…

By Marcus Santer


You know what?

I believe you’re perfect.


I’ve believed it for a long time.

It first dawned on me during a workshop I organised for my teacher many years ago in Brighton.

Here’s what I recall from that day in Brighton back in 2007:

My teacher was explaining how many people have the misconception that in order to be strong you must add more and more energy.

But the simple truth is:

You don’t need to add any extra energy to feel more
vibrant, alert, energetic, and healthy. You just need full access
to the energy you already have.

And it was during this discussion that the conversation took an unexpected turn and I was introduced to a deep spiritual truth.

That you’re already perfect.

That you’re made in the image of God, or in Shaolin terms you’re already the Buddha.

But you don’t realise your Buddha-hood because of layers and layers of ignorance, defilement, dirt or in western terms, because of sin.

Now if you clear away this dirt then you’re purified, healthy and free.

And you reveal your Buddha-hood…

…You release your ‘imprisoned splendour’ as Browning put it.

Now I personally believe cleansing is a much safer and effective way to live a better life, filled with vitality than trying to add energy.

I also believe a lifetime of stresses, strains and poor lifestyle choices can easily result in you feeling far from your best.

Feeling far from perfect.

And being able to tap into Cosmic energy and harness its power to experience internal cleansing is a skill you really want to have access to.

In fact I prefer practicing Cosmic Shower over any other Qigong technique I know.

Including Small Universe and Big Universe.

I practice it every day and it helps me to cleanse away blockages rapidly accumulated as a result of living life in the 21st Century.

Now then…

Up until recently I only ever taught this skill to private clients.

Who paid a small fortune to learn it and were happy to do so.

But back in February I discovered what I suspected to be true… That with close supervision and clear tuition this advanced Qigong technique can be taught using tools freely available online.

Look, whether you believe in God, Buddha-hood or that you’re already perfect doesn’t matter.

What does matter is being able to cleanse yourself:

So you can have full access to your ‘imprisoned splendour’ and live a happier, healthier and longer life.

Without doubt Cosmic Shower is the ultimate purification exercise there is.

And all that remains for me to write is…

Will you join me in June?

Full details of the Cosmic Shower Coaching Class (CSCC) are available here.

Bye for now


P.S. Because the Cosmic Shower is an advanced Qigong technique the Coaching is only available to those who’ve:

Bottom line…

On Wednesday 1st June 2016 we’re going to be hitting the floor running and you’ll need to have a basic understanding of the 7 steps of PERFECT Qigong practice.

It’s all clearly explained for you right here.

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