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How to relax your legs whilst doing your Qigong practice…

By Marcus Santer

Qigong state of mind

I got a question from a Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC) student yesterday.

He was having difficulty with relaxing his legs sufficiently whilst standing and doing his Qigong and asked if I had any suggestions.

Here was my reply:

Dear Kand,

Lovely to hear from you.

I’ve been thinking about your question and here’s my answer:

Stand up.

Now, give yourself a mark out of 100 for how tense the muscles in your legs are right now.

Where 1 is: “my legs are like jelly I think I’m going to fall over”

And 100 is: “my legs are like blocks of steel”

Now tense the muscles in your legs as hard as you can and quickly give yourself another mark out of 100.

I’ll wager this score was higher than your first.

Sit down again.  

So what’s the point?

Well, let’s say you needed 50 points of ‘tense-ness’ to stand up without having to think about it.

That’s how you should do your Qigong.

If you’re doing your Qigong with 51 or more points… You need to relax more.

If you’re doing it with 50 points or less… Very good, carry on.

It is not physiologically possible to stand up and have no muscle tenseness, you’d lose your balance and fall over without the muscles relaxing and contracting.

So that’s my answer.

But I’d also add this:

Don’t over think it.

Don’t make a simple thing complex.

When you stand up and do your Qigong, stand up and do your Qigong.  Don’t worry about whether you’re too tense or not.

Simply enter a Qigong State of mind by relaxing:

And then get on with your Qigong.

Like any skill, the more you practice the better you’ll get.

As long as you don’t over think it.

Now as an ‘over thinker’ myself, it took me years to learn this.

In fact, the best advice I can give you Kand is to:

Follow the instructions to the best of your ability and Enjoy Your Practice.

If you can do this, the rest will take care of itself.

I promise =)

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Bye for now


P.S. I got an email on Sunday from another QSHSC student, it went like this:

“Marcus, I’m planning on going back and doing a refresh of the Qigong material I began with you back in 2011… But I’ve forgotten my password… Can you offer any help?”

I sorted Harry out with a new password the next day.

As this email demonstrates, once you’ve taken the QSHSC, you get access to it for as long as I’m alive to keep the website up and running.

6 months… 6 years or longer.

Makes no difference.

There’s no time limit and you get lifelong access.

All part of the service.

Take your two week test-drive here.

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