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How to make it easier to learn new stuff

By Marcus Santer

Clarabella’s started learning to drive again.

And this time it’s different.

She started first time 13 years ago when we lived in Nottingham.

We didn’t have a car of our own and she hated the lessons. They were like a stain on the week. The only time she seemed happy and carefree was for a few days after her lesson. Then she started to dread the next one coming.

After 25 lessons she packed them in.

Fast forward 13 years and she’s back in the driving seat – literally.

Yesterday morning, bright and breezy Clarabella and I were in the Dawlish Warren Car Park. It’s the place you go around here to get some driving practice when you’re not ready to practice on the roads.

I got out of our little Ford Fiesta and after she attached her magnetic Learning Plates to the car – which was kinda hard on the back because it seems the car is mostly plastic! – I handed her the keys.

I’ll be honest, as I sat in the passenger seat I felt very nervous.

And so began our first experience of me supplementing Clarabella’s official lessons.

It was a long and hairy hour.

And here are a few lessons you’ll find handy if you’re learning anything new:

No why – 13 years ago Clarabella had no strong reason why she was learning to drive. It was just something that everyone was expected to do. Trouble is, she didn’t enjoy it and living in Nottingham means public transport is really good and really plentiful. So after 25 lessons she gave up.

Living in Devon is very different.

Public transport is better than it was, but compared to city living it’s dire. If you live in Devon, you learn to drive ASAP or you end up going nowhere.

And the amount of jobs you have access to is severely limited by whether a bus goes nearby or not. And most times the answer is… Not.

So whatever you want, from losing weight to looking great naked and everything in between… Make certain you’ve got a really good set of reasons why you want it. Because when the going gets tough, which it always does, your reasons why will keep you moving forwards.

Not enough practice – 13 years ago Clarabella got one a 1-hour lesson each week. It wasn’t enough. By the time the next lesson came around, she’d forgotten more than she remembered.

It’s all to do with the Curve of Forgetting.

Long story short: The amount of information and practice you can recall drops dramatically with every passing day…

Unless you reinforce it.

Because we hadn’t got a car of our own, Clarabella simply didn’t get enough practice.

When I was 17, my dad and I were living in an apartment in Dawlish. My Mum and sister were living in the family house outside York.


Because we couldn’t sell the house and dad had started his new job and I’d started at my new college. As a result there was very little to do in the evenings. So my dad took me out in the car every night for over an hour and I got to practice my driving.

No distractions.

As a result of this immersion I only needed 10 lessons and I passed my test first time.

Now we have our own car, we’ve put Clarabella on the insurance and we’re going to go out for extra practice as many days as possible. And we will because we’ve scheduled it.

So if you want to get results as quickly as you can in whatever it is you want, make sure you schedule plenty of practice time and immerse yourself in it.

Right, I’m outta space and outta time.

There are a few more important lessons I’d like to share with you on this subject of making it easier to learn new stuff so I’ll finish this post off tomorrow.

Bye for now


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