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How to avoid losing 50 percent of your muscle mass as you age

By Marcus Santer

I was reading about a study done in Austria yesterday.

Turns out 10% of their over 65 population are frail and 40% are well on their way.

And researchers at The Healthy For Life Project, with MedUni Vienna wanted to see if they could do something to turn this around and improve fitness and quality of life levels.

Their preliminary findings are very exciting.

Here’s what they did:

  1. Strength training – They started the intervention group on regular exercise.
  2. Nutritional improvements – They made sure the intervention group was getting enough quality plant and animal protein to maintain muscle mass.
  3. Social Support– Volunteer “buddies” aged at least 50 made weekly visits to help keep their buddy inspired and motivated to do their practice.


The intervention group increased their hand strength by 20%

And there were significant improvements in:

Now in case you’re wondering, here’s why lifelong muscle training is of such value.

Without physical exercise you naturally start losing muscle mass at about 30. If you continue to ignore exercise by the age of 80 you will lose about 50% of your muscle mass.

As you can probably imagine, that’s not something you want if you wish to live a long, healthy and independent life.

The study also mentions that muscle training reduces the risks of falls.

So what?

Well, apparently as you get older the fear and consequences of falling are so powerful it makes older people want to move less.

And you can imagine what happens next…

The more you fear falling, the less you move, the less you move the weaker your muscles get and the greater your risk of falling.

Talk about a viscous circle.

Strength training can prevent this and increase independence as a result.

It’s an interesting study.

Though personally I’d like to know more about it, things like:

But it’s not the first study to demonstrate how:

Can increase the number of healthy and independent years you can expect to live.

Just check out pages 152 and 163 of my ZEN+ Book for more.

The only thing I’d have added to this study was a Zest element, then I believe their results would have been even better.

Anyway, you can read the study for yourself here.

In the ZEN+ Home Study Course (Z+HSC) you’re going to find 5 Callisthenic Chains that will help you to build strength whatever your age and whatever your current fitness level.

Why are they called Chains?

Because each chain is made up of a number of links. And each link in the chain represents a different callisthenic exercise. The further up the chain you go, the harder the link is. The lower down the chain the easier the link or exercise is.

And the great thing about callisthenics is:

But perhaps the greatest quality of callisthenics is no matter what your current level of strength, you’ll find a link on the chain that’s right for you to start with.

In the Z+HSC you’re going to get:

For every link in each of the 5 chains.

And so very much more.

You can take a look at a mind map of all the great stuff I’m planning to squeeze into the Z+HSC right here.

Bye for now


P.S. No PS today, I haven’t got time as I’m building the Z+HSC.

You on the other hand should take a peek at all the funky stuff I’m planning to put in it.

I made this pretty mind map for you.

One look and you’ll see why I’m so busy =)

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