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How this 70 year old got his 50 year old body…

By Marcus Santer


The Saturday Quote:

“It boils down to belief, practise and discipline”
Bob Hatibovich

I got a great email yesterday from Bob, here it is (my comments will follow)

***E-mail starts***

Hi Marcus

Trust you are well, and as per usual, I read all your emails with interest and keenness.

I’m a fanatical believer in your upcoming subject, as I rate building muscles, stretching all your body so important, that for me it provides you with a much better physical life going forward.

I am now 70, and my cardiologist and orthopaedic surgeon advised that my body is better than most 50 year olds. I had a knee replacement last April due to a running injury, I was at training as I am still an Aussie Rules football umpire/referee.

I went to hospital for the replacement, the doctor and physio came to my ward the following day and examined me, and were amazed that I could stretch my right leg straight at 80 degrees. 90 degrees obviously is straight.

They advised I can be released from hospital and see my physio in 2 days’ time. I saw my physio at that time and he got me to straighten my right leg. I had a full 90% extension. He told me to go home and no need to see him again.

I have used the same physio for several years and he is familiar with my exercise regime. All he said to me was

“Bob, what you have done in 3 days normally takes other people 3 – 6 months.”

I can only strongly endorse your program, and can totally recommend to all people, that stretching is so simple and costs you nothing but your time and attitude, and will provide you with lifelong benefits in fitness, health and in particular mobility to ensure you have a happy and mobile life ahead.

Stretching all parts of your anatomy can be fun, is healthy and you will enjoy your life.

Marcus, the best investment I ever made was in your Qigong Secrets course, as I still use this and practise every day, I also have a massage business practise which enables me to assist my clients in also better understanding how their lives can improve with some simple discipline practises which they will enjoy.

Thank you my friend, it is always a pleasure to keep in touch with you, feel free to use any information I provide you if it can be of some value to you.

PS. Truly, with knowledge and experience, us humans have some incredible capabilities in how to manage and utilise our own human bodies and minds. It does boil down to belief, practise and discipline, and never say this cannot be done.

It can.

Us humans sometimes don’t appreciate what our capabilities are.

***E-mail Ends***

Bob is a great example of the benefits you can enjoy when you embrace the 7 health packed habits of the Healthy Ageing Pyramid.

Now then…

I practice what I preach.

I take my own medicine.

But as I mentioned in my reply to Bob:

Well, I’m 45 and it’s pretty easy to be strong, fit, healthy and full of energy at 45.

But at 70, that’s some pretty rare air my friend.

You are a living, breathing example of what you practice – That’s hard to ignore.

And it’s your strength.

Use it to help others.


Let’s get something straight.

The research is pretty conclusive, with the exception of an accident, you’re very likely to live a longer life.

But the question you need to answer is this:

“Will your extra years be a blessing or a curse?”

I know, not a very warm and fluffy question.

But if you’ll combine what you learned in the HAP book, with the ‘Build These Muscles Stretch These Muscles’ material I’m going to be sharing in Aprils ZEN+ Journal you will have all the tools you need to stack the odds of a:

And more independent life in your favour.

On Thursday I finished editing the 23 videos I shot earlier this week.

And I’m going to be spending the weekend putting together any necessary picture instructions needed to complement the written material.

Next week I’ll finish editing it all and sculpt it into something that’s a pleasure to read.

And then on Monday 3rd it will be posted out to my suave, savvy and sophisticated subscribers.

If you want a copy too…

You can join us here.

Bye for now


P.S. At the risk of sounding like a broken record…

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