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How I learned things aren’t always as good as they seem…

By Marcus Santer

When I was 7 my mum bought some lemon zest soap.

It was brand new on the market and it smelled so good and I was so dumb I decided to take a bite…

You can guess what happened next!

That’s when I first realised things aren’t always as good as they seem.

And the same can said about most of the unproven therapies and health products pimped on the high street and Internet today.

But it’s especially true when it comes to supplements.

Millions of people are taking vitamins and dietary supplements because they’re convinced that good health, illness prevention or the fountain of youth can be achieved through taking a magic pill or powder.

Globally the supplement market has been valued at $82 billion dollars by market analysts McKinsey and Company. And one of the most common factors driving the growth in the market is an ageing population.

This is backed up by the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) which states most people who buy supplements are aged 55 or over.

Key reasons being to do with:

The thinking is supplements can be used to make old age enjoyable and free from pain.

And you better believe the supplement sellers are aware of this trend and have turned their marketing might to specifically target the ageing population.

But you know what?

The research doesn’t back up most of the health claims made by the supplement industry.

My opinion is informed by reading the available research from the Cochrane Collaboration on popular supplements such as:

To mention a few of the more popular powders and potions.

And in case you’re wondering who the Cochrane Collaboration are and why you should pay attention to their research…

It’s an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation consisting of more than 37,000 volunteers in more than 130 countries.

Cochrane’s systematic reviews are internationally recognised as the highest standard in evidenced-based health care. It focuses on producing systematic reviews of the literature on healthcare research.

In a sea of confusion and misinformation the Cochrane Library is the rock you can cling to.

And in my new Stay Young 7 Day Bootcamp (coming in October 2017) I’m going to share with you three videos (total runtime: 29mins 18 sec) revealing the truth about supplements.


And that’s just day 7.

To find out what you’re going to discover on the first 6 (and much more important) days of the Stay Young Bootcamp…

Go here next.

Why not do it now whilst it’s still fresh in your mind?

Speak soon.


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