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How hard can it be to draw a circle?

By Marcus Santer

I tell ya, I bet you’re glad you weren’t here with me in my Woffice yesterday morning.


I got so angry I had visions of me picking my iMac up and throwing it through the window.


And what you may be wondering, caused this usually quite placid and easy going gentleman to go into a Hulk like rage?

I was trying to draw a circle with a dotted outline.

I’ve created a new tool called the ZEN+ Wheel to help folk quickly and easily identify where they need to focus their efforts first when it comes to implementing ZEN+ into the life.

I know, I know.

I mean come on, how hard can it be to draw a dotted outlined circle with Photoshop?

The answer it turns out is very hard.

But what was really rattling my cage was the various instructions I was following. Because there’s no shortage of Photoshop tips, tutorials and how to’s online.

I tried 5 different ones.

And when I got to the same part for each one I could go no further.

The instruction was something like:

Right click somewhere in the image and select ‘Stroke Path’.

Sounds easy right?

Except whenever I did it, the ‘stroke path’ option was greyed out, i.e. unselectable.


ZEN Beast Smash!

I eventually got my circle drawn. And you can see it in this months ZEN+ Journal (which I promise will be completed in the next few days).

Turns out there was a simple option I needed to select first.

But I’m guessing for the folk who’d written the tutorials, this option was automatically selected. So they hadn’t bothered to mention it.

Big mistake.

Okay, so what’s this got to do with anything?

Emotions – I believe there is no such thing as a negative emotion. Trying to not feel whatever you’re feeling because you think you shouldn’t be feeling it is a sure fire way to get messed up. So feel what you feel.

Move – Getting up, and physically moving around is a powerful way to deal with strong emotions. Staying seated and trying to brass it out can lead to embarrassing outbursts. Ask me how I know.

Walk away – If an emotion has a serious grip on you leave the situation (if you can). I know the temptation can be to stay and keep chipping away. But I’ve found going for a brisk walk and coming back fresh to the problem is powerful medicine.

Wrong – Sometimes in life the tutorial you’re following is the wrong one for you. So, consider looking for an alternative way to get the outcome you’re after. As the old saying goes: There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

If your emotions are something you struggle with.

If you feel like a victim always at their mercy.

I recommend you read my book: Smiling From The Heart

Full title: Overcome depression, be free from paralysing worry, kick fear into touch, develop bullet proof self esteem and increase your resistance to the stresses and strains of 21st Century life.


Quite a mouthful =)

Inside it’s 164 pages you’ll find 29 simple Qigong healing techniques and non-Qigong tools to help you live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life in spite of what you might be dealing with.

It’s available for immediate download here.

Bye for now


P.S. At the end of this incredible book (I really am very proud of it) I’ll help you to create your MAP.


Massive Action Plan.

Tailor made for your individual needs.

Use it and you’ve got a powerful, natural, drug free solution to:

Go here to get your copy.

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