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Do you want it as bad as Eddie “guitar” Burns?

By Marcus Santer

I had to share this with you today.

I was driving home from a meeting last night when I heard it on the radio.

Some unknown talker on an obscure local radio station was talking about Eddie ‘Guitar’ Burns.

I’d never heard of him either.

But what really made me pay attention was when the presenter described how Burns built his own guitar with a broom handle for its neck and also taught himself how to play the harmonica.

This is what he sounds like.

And I did some digging this morning to check the story is true… and it is.

What really impressed me was the guys tenacity.

I mean learning to play guitar made using a broom handle.

That’s serious.

That’s a person who really wants to play the guitar.

That’s a cat that really wants it bad.

You know, I’ve lost count over the years that I’ve been teaching Qigong, of the people who say they want to live a happier, healthier and longer life – but can’t even get out of bed 15 minutes earlier to do their practice.

I even had an email the other day from a guy saying he couldn’t do any of the ZEN+ Pull Up Chain because he didn’t have access to a pull up bar.

You kidding me?

That’s what trees are for.

I don’t have a pull up bar either, I made my system out of a product in a hardware store called: “The Brute” and rigged up some grooves in the loft hatch for the handle to sit in.

It’s not perfect.

But it gets the job done.

Think back over your own life to when you wanted to do something, didn’t have what you needed, but improvised and adapted.

Yeah, that’s it.

That’s the one.

Interesting huh?

It tells me that if someone really wants to do something, they’ll find a way to do it.

And these days when I hear someone giving me excuses why they can’t do something, what I really hear is that they don’t really want to do it bad enough.

Sure, we all have dips in our determination.

We all have days when we don’t feel like doing our practice.

That’s not what I’m talking about, I’m sure Eddie ‘Guitar’ Burns had off days too.

What I’m talking about is a burning desire to get started.

And if you’ve got a burning desire to get stronger and healthier but don’t know how to get started I recommend you read:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier for Longer

In it you’ll find:

It’s not just a book.

It’s a blueprint for a new and healthier life.

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Bye for now


P.S. How badly to you want it?

Do you want health and vitality as bad as Eddie wanted to play guitar?

Or do you just kinda want it?

If you’re really serious you should check this out.

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