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Here’s why you get lost in the Internet…

By Marcus Santer

The Internet is infinite

The Saturday Quote:

“The Internet is to all intents and purposes infinite,
which is why it’s so easy to get sucked in and then lost in it.”
Heard on BBC Radio 4

Have you ever found yourself setting of to do something on the Internet…

…Something that should only take a few minutes…

…And then an hour later found yourself somewhere completely different wondering what it was you started off wanting to do in the first place?

Maybe it’s just me?

But when I heard the quote above the penny suddenly dropped into place.

There are so many points of distraction out there.

Just go to the website internetlivestats.com if you don’t believe me.

Here’s a few ‘In 1 second’ stats for you:

All in a 1 second snapshot of the Internet.

At the time of writing this there are estimated to be 1,174,719,452 websites on the Internet.

Now can you see why it’s so easy to get lost in it?

And what with the whole ‘fake news’ hoo-har (which is as old as time by the way) it’s getting harder and harder to verify the information you’re consuming is accurate.

But I admit it is fun sometimes to simply wander through the web and see where you end up.

Personally I’ve built up a list of trusted resources.

Websites I visit to get up to date facts on what’s moving and a shaking in the world of ageing well. And from there I go onto places like the Cochrane database, Medline and Google Scholar to dig deeper.


Earlier this week I found a fascinating story about a doctor in the 1960’s who stumbled across a medical mystery. A town where the inhabitants were unaffected by the diseases epidemic across the rest of the USA.

Curious he recruited an army of researchers and with the town mayors permission sort to find out what gave the town folk their protection.

His teams findings made fascinating reading.

They found the towns incredible health and longevity had nothing to do with their:

So what was it that gave the town it’s incredible protection against heart disease and heart attacks?

It was something nobody would have believed possible at the time.

And I’ll be sharing the story at the start of May’s ZEN+ Journal.

Let’s just say, if you were in any doubt about the power of one of the health packed habits I included in the Healthy Ageing Pyramid, after reading this, you’ll understand why I included it.

And there’s more…

I’ll also be revealing another piece of the Build These Stretch These Blueprint (can someone please suggest a better name for this!)

And I’ll be sharing specific steps you want to be taking now to avoid getting swept away by the Perfect Storm I predict is coming our way, thanks to the tripling of the number of 65+ year olds in the next 83 years[1]

The cracks are already appearing in the system.

And there are some very difficult times ahead for most of the developed countries of the world.

Hey, while some people spend their Internet time watching the entertaining antics of cute kittens and soppy dogs.

(Nothing wrong with that by the way).

I prefer to spend my time finding evidenced based ways to help you live and age well.

So what?

Well it means you don’t have to.

You simply take the information I supply, apply it and get on with doing what you find interesting and enjoyable.

Confident you’ve got successful ageing covered.

And you can become a ZEN+ Journal subscriber here.

Bye for now


[1] Don’t Panic – The Facts About Population

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