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Here’s how to prevent someone you love from having a heart-attack

By Marcus Santer

Whilst shaking down my notebooks for something to write for you today, a small newspaper clipping fell onto my desk.

It’s headline: Walk more for a healthy old age


I’ve heard it said that, for men in particular, retirement can be deadly. But when you look at the research, such a conclusion is hard to prove. Here’s an article I like from The Washington Post that writes about this subject.

But there’s no doubt that retirement is a life stage that needs managing well.

If you want to be healthy in old age slowing down and becoming more sedentary isn’t a great plan.

The clipping that fell out of my notebook shows how those aged 65 and over who maintained or even boosted their physical activity improved their hearts well-being.

And something as simple as walking more and at a faster pace was enough to lower their risk of a heart attack.

The findings are based on this study: Physical Activity and Heart Rate Variability in Older Adults: The Cardiovascular Health Study. It looked at a group of 985 adults with an average age of 71 over a 5 year period.

The researchers focused on heart rate variability which means: “Changes to the amount of time between one heartbeat and the next during everyday life.”

Dr Luisa Soares-Miranda, lead author of the study said: “These small differences are influenced by the health of the heart and the nervous system that regulates the heart. Early abnormalities in this system are picked up by changes in heart rate variability, and these changes predict the risk of future heart attacks and death.”

They found that those who did the most exercise had an 11 percent lower risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death than those who did the least.

The verdict?

If someone you love is approaching retirement age, or is retired then make sure they stay physically active if you want to help them avoid a heart-attack or sudden cardiac death.

Walking is a fantastic way to get started if you or your loved one has been sedentary for a long time. Simply aim to walk a little further and a little faster over time.

If you need inspiration, or think you’re just too old to get moving, I suggest you read this post:

4 Folk that will destroy your negative views on ageing

And if you or your loved one is already physically active make sure you don’t slow down. In fact I recommend you start a strength building callisthenics program like the one I’ve put in the ZEN+ Home Study Course.

Use it and you can:

The Z+HSC is coming soon.

Bye for now


P.S. I think I’ll get the 18 Shaolin Exercises section of the Z+HSC finished today.

It’s only taken about 10 times longer than I’d anticipated =)

But it looks great.

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