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Hairy Hand Hunting on Dartmoor

By Marcus Santer

Clarabella and I celebrated out 16th wedding anniversary yesterday.

And what better way to mark the occasion than with a trip to Dartmoor for a spot of Hairy Hand Hunting?

Here’s a picture of us taken at Dartmeet getting ready:


Now you might be wondering why on earth we’re hunting for Hairy Hands up on Dartmoor?

It’s a fair question I suppose.

Well, Ollie is on holiday and as he’s a fan of ghost stories, treasure hunting and the like, so we thought it’d be fun to kill two birds with one stone.

That is: Clarabella and I get a nice day out on Dartmoor and Ollie gets to go ghost hunting.

Cool huh?

I first heard about the Hairy Hand on a school trip to Dartmoor more years ago than I care to remember.

We stayed at a hostel and written in pencil by the side of my bed was:


Which I thought was rather unusual for graffiti.

That night our teachers told us some ghost stories around the camp fire and one of them was…

Yup, you got it about the Hairy Hand.

Now apparently this is a true ghost story, which is so funny because it implies there are ‘false’ ghost stories LOL.

Whatever, the story goes like this:

One evening a doctor was riding his motorcycle home from the nearby Dartmoor Prison. He suddenly swerved which made his motorcycle crash and the impact killed him.

A few years later this scene played out again.

But this time the victim survived the accident and when asked what had caused it he reported that a huge pair of Hairy Hands had appeared, grabbed the handlebars of his motorcycle and forced him off the road.

As to the source of the Hairy Hands, who knows?

Some claim there were bizarre medical experiments taking place at the Prison and the hands belonged to one of the escaped experiments.

Others claim they belonged to a huge ape imported from Sumatra – a large Indonesian island west of Java – that had been shot by the owner because his wife had fallen in love with it…


It was still fun to suspend disbelief for a while and enter into the swing of things.

Now, the story goes that the Hairy Hand accidents happened on the stretch of road between Two Bridges and Princetown – B3212.

A short stretch of road.

So after stopping for a coffee at the beautiful Two Bridges Hotel, we set of in pursuit of the Hairy Hand.


Did we find it?


But we did have great fun and a lovely day out up on the Moor.

Trouble is, it means I’m going to have to work doubly hard today in order to get Aprils Journal finished and ready for my printer on Monday.

Bad news for me…

But good news for you, because it means you still have a few days left to get your hands on the double sized, third anniversary issue of The Journal.

Full details here.

Bye for now


P.S. Remember: You’re covered by my better than risk free two month guarantee.

Long story short – The worst that can happen when you become a new Journal reader is you end up with £120 worth of material designed specifically to help you live and age well.

Too good to be true?

Well, unlike the legend of the Hairy Hand, my better than risk free two month guarantee is a fact…

Full details here.

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