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Frankly, I’m confused…

By Marcus Santer

Yesterday started off well enough.

And then around 10am it just nose-dived.

I had a suspicion that it was going to be the kind of day, where the best thing to do is simply to turn off all electrical devices, unplug from the matrix and go to bed with some good books.

I was right.

It started with an email I got from someone telling me the reason they weren’t going to attend the prototype of the ZEN+ Workshop was:

“I think it’s too much asking people to pay you for helping you as well.”

They then went on to suggest I needed to be more ethical and spiritual.

I’ve a smile on my face as I write this now, but that wasn’t the case yesterday I can tell you. Especially as it was written by someone I know.

Clearly I failed in communicating what the prototype Z+ Workshop is all about.

The £50 fee was simply to help me cover my costs for hiring a nice venue (£300) and my travel and accommodation expenses (£200).

And it looks like I’m not going to get any of that £300 venue fee refunded.

Anyway I’m cancelling this workshop.

And quite frankly I’m confused.

Because whilst I didn’t expect a huge turn out, I thought I might attract at least 5 people to join me for a weekend of ZEN+ fun and adventure.

But clearly I did something wrong.

Trouble is, I’m too close to this whole project to figure out what it was.

I get that if you’re not in the UK the question of travel expenses for a prototype workshop doesn’t really make sense.

But there are quite a few folk who read the Z+D living in the UK.

So what happened?

I’m keen to learn from this experience, because then it won’t have been a waste of time and money.

Therefore I’ve put an on-line questionnaire together.

It’s made up of 1 question: What stopped you registering for the prototype ZEN+ workshop?

There are a list of possible reasons.

And a box for: ‘Other Reason’. This box is probably the most important, because the reasons I’ve listed are based on my thinking, but there might be something really obvious that I’ve missed that made this workshop as popular as a fart in a space suit.


Please be honest and up front with me.

The survey is anonymous, so I’m not going to know who writes what. I just want to know if I goofed up or not.

So the next time I put a Z+ Workshop on, I won’t end up £100’s out of pocket.

Here’s the link to the questionnaire:


Oh, and if you think I need to be more ethical and spiritual can you do us both a favour? Please stop reading the ZEN+ Daily.


Bye for now


P.S. Shout outs to those epic ZEN Beasts who wrote to let me know they were unable to attend for various reasons.

And notable shout outs to Kim and Minna – both from the USA and Mark from Ireland who were keen to join me at Church Farm.

Maybe next time =)

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