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FAQ: Cosmic Shower Online Coaching Group

Frequently Asked Questions

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been inviting questions about the Cosmic Shower online Coaching group I’m starting in February.

And I’ve been busy answering them.

Thank you to everyone who sent one in.

You helped me to gain extra clarity for this exciting new project.

So here – in no particular order – are the most frequently asked questions…

With my answers:

1) What experience/qualifications do I need to take this online class?

But the most important qualification is: You must be fun to work with.

This class is about sharing the advanced Qigong technique Cosmic Shower with you and having fun whilst doing it.

2) Is there any flexibility on the starting date?

There is no flexibility with the start date.

It starts February and finishes end of February.

That’s due to the nature of the group work and time I need to schedule for consultations and 1-2-1 work.

3) Will I be able to take the class later?

To be honest I’m not sure how this class is going to work out.

Of course I’ve got lesson plans and material lined up for each week.

But I will also be providing extra material and resources as they become necessary through interaction with the class.

And my hope is that I will be able to transform it into a stand alone product that people can purchase later, once they’re ready to take their PERFECT Qigong practice deeper.

But it might always have to be a course that runs with my direct input… As this is the first time I’m running it this way, I can’t say for certain.

One thing you can be sure of though…

It will be available again in the future.

Either as a take when you’re ready, work through on your own product…


Another group class in June or July.

Oh, and it will be more expensive in the future too.

Speaking of which:

4) What’s the price?

The investment for this 28 day Cosmic Shower class with:

Will be: £300

Note: There will be no refunds as I can’t get my time back.

5. Are there specific times or hours for the class? If I’m away for a few days will I still be able to benefit from the class?

The instructional material will be accessible via ‘Always Open’ web pages.

Each week we’ll be focusing on a particular aspect of Cosmic Shower. And you’ll be able to access whatever resources are required when it works best for you.

I can’t be totally certain what resources will be available as I will respond to the needs of the group based on what comes up in the private Facebook group as being required.

The only specific times and hours of the class will be the days which I will respond to emails and take Skype calls.

Full details will be given to class participants.

6. I hear you’re going to want to watch Youtube videos of us doing our form so you can give us suggestions on how to improve our practice if necessary. Is it possible to make Youtube videos private?

Absolutely. When you upload a video to Youtube you have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Public – Everyone who visits your channel can see it.
  2. Unlisted – Only those you give the video link to can see it
  3. Private – You enter the email address of those who can see it.

I’ve found unlisted to be the simplest option. You can always delete your video after I’ve watched it.

7. I don’t do Facebook. You mentioned a private FB group, is that going to be a problem if I don’t join it?

You won’t have to be a member of the private Facebook group to benefit from the Cosmic Shower class.

But you will need to become a subscriber to a private email list I’ll create.

That’s so I can let you know when new class material is available or inform you of any important developments during the class.

The FB group is simply to make it easy for me to stay in daily contact with you.

There is no need to join it – But I recommend you do.

8. How big is the class going to be?

Because of:

I’m only accepting between 10 and 20 students.

​Once the class is full… It’s full.

9. How do I sign up?

Over the next week I’m inviting members of The ZEN+ Journal to join the class.

I’m also going to write to specific individuals who I’ve worked with in the past.

Then – if there are any places left in the class – I will open up places to readers of the ZEN+ Daily post.


And that’s that.

I look forward to sharing Cosmic Shower with you on 1st February.

Bye for now


P.S. Website for this class is here.

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