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Fancy living to 100? You better read this then…

By Marcus Santer

If you want to live to 100+ then I’ve found just the study for you.

Because researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden are about to wrap up their 50 year study of 855 Gothenburg men born in 1913.

Here are their initial findings:

Of the deaths after age 80:

Because of the number of surveys conducted over the 50 year study and the way the study was set up, the researchers claim they were able to identify factors which influence the likelihood of survival over the age of 50.

“Our recommendation for people who aspire to centernarianism is to refrain from smoking, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and confine themselves to four cups of coffee a day.” – said Lars Wilhelmsen.

Here are other observations from the study that were found to contribute to longevity:

Interestingly the researchers found a link between maternal longevity, but not paternal longevity.

Once again, if you’re like me and have some junk floating around in your gene pool (i.e. you don’t have a long string of old age relatives) then you’d be forgiven for thinking your future outlook isn’t so bright.

But fear ye not.

In the The Vault section of the ZEN+ Home Study Course (Coming soon!)…

I’ve written a lesson called: “Why You Not At The Mercy of Your Genes” – The research I’ve done shows me there are other factors – factors you have full control over – that play a more significant role in your longevity than what genes you’ve inherited.

You can’t do anything about your genetic inheritance, but you can certainly do something about the rest, and in that lesson I spill my guts and reveal everything you need to know to stack the odds of a long, healthy life in your favour.

Interestingly my research is backed up by this Swedish study too.

Because whilst they found there was a strong genetic factor to the longevity of the men in the study, it was still weaker than other factors. Factors which you can influence and which are vital to a long, healthy and happy life.

Anyway, it’s all in the “Why you’re not at the mercy of your genes” lesson in The Vault.

Moving on.

Here’s the data on the 10 centenarians in the study:

Of the other 7:

For me, this is yet more research that demonstrates the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle choices if you want to live a long, healthy and happy life.

Time and again my research has shown me there are 4 key areas you want to focus on and they’re all explained in my book:

ZEN+ The Art and Science of Living Healthier For Longer.

Click —> Here <--- to get your copy. Bye for now Marcus Reference: Wilhelmsen, Lars, et al. “Men born in 1913 followed to age 100 years.” Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal 49.1 (2015): 45-48.

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