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The forgotten benefits of exercise

By Marcus Santer

When it comes to weight loss there’s bad news.

Because exercise really isn’t the cure all most people think it is.

I wrote about it here.

But that doesn’t mean regular exercise isn’t important.

I really want to make this message clear.

So today I’d like to share research I found published in the American Journal of Medicine titled: Regular Physical Activity: Forgotten Benefits

It’s got some pretty hairy statistics in it.

The authors claim…

Lack of physical activity accounts for:

And according to Healthy People 2020

36% of adults do not engage in any leisure time physical activity.

Even something as simple as a brisk walk every day for only 20 minutes, which can be practiced even among the oldest adults, can give you a 30 to 40 percent reduced risk of a heart attack.

Here’s a quote I found particularly interesting from one of the authors: Charles H. Hennekens:

“Unfortunately, most Americans prefer prescription of pills to proscription of harmful lifestyles such as physical inactivity. In general, any pharmacological intervention should be an adjunct, not alternative, to therapeutic lifestyle changes.”

It’s like I’ve been saying all along…

Change your lifestyle habits and you can change your life for the better.

And I can sum it up by saying:

  1. Energise
  2. Move More
  3. Eat Right
  4. Mindset

Or ZEN+ as I call it.

Take care of these 4 area’s of your life and you’ve got a prescription for radically transformed health. And compared with most drug based solutions lifestyle changes are low cost and free from negative side effects.


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Bye for now


P.S. Because I try to be responsible in the material I share with you, I should point out there are problems with statistics.

But perhaps the most important one to remember is this:

Correlation doesn’t equal causation.

A chilling example of this is folk who think vaccines cause autism in children.

I mean you can’t argue that as the rate of vaccination has increased so has the rate of autism diagnosis.

Surely the two are linked right?


It was improvements in our ability to detect autism that made it appear the number of kids being diagnosed was rising.


And you’re ready to do something about it…

This will help.