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Thai exercise adverts… Too funny to miss

By Marcus Santer

After listening to the weather reports yesterday I was feeling very lucky.

Lucky to have made it home from Norway last week.

What with fog forcing many of the UK airports to cancel flights.

Oh well, I’ve always felt like I’m a lucky guy – especially when I reflect back on some the scrapes I’ve been in and come out with my body still intact.

Now something that wasn’t quite so lucky was the post I wrote on Thursday 22nd October.

I wrote it whilst doing my last minute flight check for Norway…

And then promptly forgot to send it.


So because I’m still playing catch up – I figured I’d re-use it today.

Plus the video that Spanish ZEN Beast Pedro sent me is too funny to miss.

Here it is…

*** Missing Email ***

I wasn’t planning to write a Z+D this morning.

Last minute run around for my trip to Norway and all that jazz.

But as I sipped my Japanese green tea and flicked through my emails, I saw one of my awesome ZEN+ Journal readers had come to the rescue.

So huge shout out and thanks to Pedro for delivering the goods.

Thanks mate.

And for your viewing pleasure I give you three Thailand exercise adverts:


Right I’m off to Norway.

You coming?

If you are I look forward to seeing you this weekend and sharing PERFECT Qigong with you.

If not I’ll do my best to stay in contact – but no promises =)

Bye for now