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Everyone knew he couldn’t win

By Marcus Santer

It was possibly the biggest upset in sporting history.

The bookies were so confident Buster Douglas was going to lose his fight against ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson they were giving odds of 42:1.

Everyone knew Buster would lose.

Not only was he out matched, but he’d suffered a series of serious setbacks leading up to the fight:

Plus Mike had never been beaten.

No wonder the bookies were so confident.

Plus you never tuned into a Tyson fight late. Because they were usually all over and done with in the first few rounds.

But this fight was different.

Impossibly Buster managed to survive those early rounds.

But in round 8 it looked like it was all over.

A big right upper cut from Mike knocked Buster to the floor.

Somehow Buster managed to get up just before the 10 count.

Nobody knew how he did it.

And he kept on fighting.

Then in the 10th round Buster delivered a brutal upper cut that knocked Tyson down to the canvas for the first time in his career.

Tyson tried to get up, but it was all over.

Buster had achieved the impossible.

Knocked out the champ and become the new undisputed Heavyweight Champion

But how?

After the fight an interviewer asked Buster how he had won when nobody thought he could.

He broke down in tears as he revealed the answer.

“Because of my …”

And in this months ZEN+ Journal I’ll give you the full story and explain why Busters answer is of vital importance to you, if you’re struggling with the challenges of changing your habits for the better.

Once you understand how Buster kept going, you’ll be able to harness that same power to win your own fights.

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P.S. Everyone struggles at some point in life.

That’s why we call it life and not paradise.

And when you deliberately set out to improve your life, you’re going to encounter struggles.

If you’re not, you’re not aiming high enough.

But there’s a valuable tool you can use to keep you going when the going gets tough.

And most of the time that’s how winning is done.

By simply keeping going and refusing to quit.

I’ll reveal all in this months Journal, along with a mountain of other ZEN+ goodness.

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