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Electric Shock Mittens anyone?

By Marcus Santer

crazy exercise gadgets

The Saturday Quote:

“After the 2nd world war it was women that kept the mass fitness movement going. In the days before the NHS it wasn’t just to stay trim it was to stay alive. If you couldn’t afford to go to a doctor, you’d better make sure you didn’t need to.”
Mark Benton

I like to watch a bit of TV on the iPad whilst making my mega-salad each day.

Yesterday I was watching a program on the BBC iPlayer called: Leotards and Vests: The Great British Work Out.

It was a tongue-in-cheek look at fitness and health trends from the past 90 years. But what made it so watchable was the use of archive footage to highlight the dry, British, sarcasm of the narrator: Mark Benton.

It was great fun.

Laugh out loud in places.

But it got me thinking…

As I looked at the crazy gadgets of the past, things like:

And some crazy equipment I don’t even know the name of claiming to break down body fat by bruising it.

But my personal favourite had to be the Electric Shock Mittens.

The user applies wet mittens, connected by wires to a box plugged into the mains, and then rubs their body with them.

I’m not joking, it’s like something out of a torture chamber.

As I winced at the commentary of news reporters, things like this: “Joan Elliott, 22 year old house wife, is one of the keenest of the keep fit girls. For the record vital statistics are 37,23,36.”


As I gasped at the instruction and advice dished out by celebrity TV keep fit stars of the past. Folk like: Boomph with Becker, The Green Goddess and Mr Motivator

As I watched all of this I found myself wondering…

When it comes to exercising and staying healthy, how much of what we consider acceptable, good advice and worth embracing today will my great-grandchildren be laughing their asses off at in 90 years time?

It makes you think doesn’t it?

Luckily for folk like you and me, it also makes me hold on tighter to those activities proven over many decades to help you live better and age well.

Things like:

And knowing the truth about supplements.

These 7 health packed habits will continue to weather the tastes and fads of the coming decades.

And in Aprils 4th Birthday Bumper edition of The ZEN+ Journal I’m going to start sharing with you the only exercise program you’ll ever need for the rest of your life.

I know, I know…

… How can I make so bold a statement?

Because it’s based on evidence that came from pioneers working to help those who suffered from polio and injuries sustained during war.

And I’m going to be sharing a whole lot more too.

But you’ll need to be a ZEN+ Journal subscriber to get it all.

Full details of how to join us here.

Bye for now


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